8-2 Receiving Baker & Taylor leased books

Purpose: To receive and inspect Baker & Taylor leased books. Shipments of leased books arrive from Baker & Taylor usually once or twice a week.

  1. Unpack books and match them with the enclosed packing list to ensure all titles have been received.
  2. Take note of any “on sale” date on the packing list. Books should not be cataloged or go out on the shelves before this date.
  3. Inspect book for the overall condition and any publishing errors (pages still bound together, pages out of order, cover attached upside down, etc.)
  4. Each book should arrive with the following:
    • clear, protective cover,
    • University of Maine identification label on the back*
    • University of Maine barcode on the back cover
    • Call number on the lower spine
    • red B&T label on the lower spine underneath the call number*
  5. Look up title in Sierra. Insert slip with order record number in book.
  6. Enter an rdate and change status to “a” in the order record. Save.
  7. Bring to cataloging.
  8. File packing lists in Acquisitions invoice files.

* We have a supply of UMaine identification labels and red B&T spine labels in case they’re missing