8-3 Yearly return of Baker & Taylor leased books

Purpose: To return older Baker & Taylor leased books in the Reserve Reading Room. This is typically done when shelf space becomes an issue.

  1. Obtain our latest inventory report. Currently, Baker & Taylor emails a copy of our inventory to designated staff once a month. Contact B&T leased book division to be added to this list: 1-800-775-3800.
  2. Determine which publication year will be returned.
  3. Let Circulation Department head know that you will be pulling books from this year off the shelves in case a patron is looking for a title in that group.
  4. Pull books from shelves and bring them back to acquisitions. Be sure to only pull books with a red B&T leased sticker on the bottom of the spine. There are other, non-leased books on these shelves that should not be pulled at this time.
  5. Books will fall into three categories: returned, kept as free, or purchased. Let Head of Collections Services (and other designated librarians) know that these books are ready for them to review. They will determine which titles will be returned or kept/purchased. We are allowed to keep 1 out of every 5 books as part of our lease agreement. We purchase (for a nominal fee) any books that exceed this 20% limit.
  6. Once librarian(s) have made their choices, separate the books that are to be  “Returned”, “Kept”, or “Purchased” onto different carts.
  7. On the inventory list, mark books that will be “Returned”, “Kept”, or “Purchased” in the columns on the left-hand side of the inventory pages.
  8. Take books that are to be returned to B&T to Cataloging, with a note that they are to be removed from URSUS and then brought back to you.
  9. Take books that we are purchasing/keeping to Cataloging, with a note that they are being added to our collection. Most books will go to the stacks and don’t need any special flagging. Some will be designated to go to Special Collections, or to our Detective section. Flag those as appropriate. These books will not come back to you after Cataloging.
  10. Go through the list and do an URSUS search for the titles that were not found on the shelves.
    • You will find that most were checked out at the time you pulled the books. This is ok. They can be pulled during next year’s return.
    • Some books will appear as “Available” in Ursus, but were not on the shelves when you were pulling titles. Make a note on the inventory list to make sure that they are pulled next year. If they cannot be found at that time, a search may need to be done by Circulation staff.
    • If a book is listed as “Paid”, mark the book as a “Purchase” on the inventory report.
    • If a book has been listed as “Overdue-Billed”, “Missing”, or “On Search” for a long period of time (over a year), use your judgment as to whether to claim it as “Lost” on the inventory. It is possible to claim a book is lost, and have B&T remove it from our inventory list, and then have the book reappear again. In these rare cases, return the book to B&T during the next return.
  11. Securely box all books that have been returned to you by Cataloging.
  12. Make a copy of the inventory list and include it one of the boxes.
  13. Contact B&T lease division and request shipping labels for each box (they are usually emailed).
  14. Attach labels and leave for pickup in library loading dock area. (They are typically returned via UPS. Since UPS delivers here most days, scheduling a pickup isn’t usually necessary.)
  15. In about a month you will receive an invoice for the purchased titles. Pay as you would a regular invoice on order record o7857755.
  16. Save your marked inventory list for use as a reference during the next return.