9-2 Shared network

Purpose: Overview of digital forms, spreadsheets, reports, etc. stored  on the library shared drive.

Book Acquisitions folder:

  • Daily posting reports
  • B&T leased book inventory
  • Interface-related files:
    • Fund Activity reports
    • Voucher files (library-umumammddyy)
    • Weekly Query reports
    • Interface staff schedule
  • University tax-exempt, W9 forms
  • Deposit account balances (monthly)
  • Sierra-related info
    • External fund code table
    • General and Gift account info
    • Bookplate wording
  • Other misc spreadsheets and instructions of general use to other staff members.

Coll dev folder:

New Acquisitions folder:

  • Monthly copies of report stored by calendar year.

Weekly Budget Report folder:

  • Weekly copies of report stored by fiscal year.