9-5 Moving non-leased ORRR books to stacks

Purpose: In order to make room on the shelves in the Reserve Reading Room, we move some of of the older/low-checkout books to the stacks. This is done once a year, right after the yearly return of Baker & Taylor leased books.

  1. Obtain the parameters of the search from the Collection Services librarian. For example, they may wish to move books that are 3 years old or more.
  2. Create a review file:
  3. Review every record to make sure that the book is not a Baker and Taylor leased book. Occasionally, a “leased” designation has been put in a field other than “x” (note field), so leased titles may appear in this list even though the search should have excluded them. Correct the mistake by inserting a note field with the word “Leased”, and remove the record from your review file.
  4. Sort review file by call number.
  5. Export the following information to a spreadsheet:
    • Call number
    • Publication Year
    • icode2 (how acquired)
    • Number of checkouts
    • Title
    • Author
  6. When spreadsheet is completed, forward to Collection Services librarian for review. They will note which books should be moved to other locations (primarily osta, ospc, or ojone).
  7. Pull the designated books from the orrr shelves (let Circulation that you are doing this in case they need to find a title during this process).
  8. Flag books that are going to ospc or ojone (osta is the default location, no flag necessary)
  9. Bring books to Cataloging. They will change the locations and move books to Stacks Maintenance for reshelving.