9-6 Acquisitions Display Case

Purpose:  To create an inviting and informative display that promotes interest in and circulation of books or materials recently acquired by the library. Displays should be current, changed regularly, and meet the interests and needs of the university community.

Displays may feature a topic or seasonal theme, or a collection of recently acquired books likely to be of interest to students and faculty.  Let Head of Collection Services know of planned topics before crafting the display.


Prepare and print call number forms to be inserted into 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ clear acrylic holders used to identify the call number and QR code for each book in the display. A QR code symbol enables patrons using a QR code reader app on a cell phone to instantly access the URSUS catalog record for the book. A master copy of the call number box form is available in the Collection Development internal share drive “Forms” folder.

  • Search book title in public web mode of URSUS.
  • Note the call number and enter in the form box.
  • Click on “Permanent Link” at the bottom of the web page to display the book record in the URL space.
  • Copy the URL and paste into a free QR code generator to produce a QR code symbol for the URSUS record.
  • Copy the generated QR code symbol into the form box below the call number.
  • Cut individual call number boxes apart and insert into holders.

Use Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher as necessary to design and print a 8″ x 10″ sign that identifies the display as “Recent Book Acquisitions,” and in smaller font “Raymond H. Fogler Library.”  Insert into clear acrylic sign holder.

Place selected book covers over saved “dummy books.”


Gather featured books, signage, and any accompanying display materials and set up display in First Floor central hallway. Dust and clean glass shelves and window regularly.

Keys for the case are maintained by the library’s administrative office.