12-3 Checking in Newspapers

Purpose: To check in physical issues of our newspaper subscriptions, some of which arrive daily.  Newspapers arrived via the morning mail delivery from campus centralized mail system.  Upon arrival, Fogler incoming mail is sorted by Circulation personnel – once sorted, they will alert mail is ready to be picked up.

Newspaper are sorted alphabetically, if more than one issue per title has arrived, sort them in chronological order.  Newspapers are checked in via a review file list.  Begin by logging into Sierra integrated library system.

  1. Search
    • From Function list, scroll down to Serials, Create Lists
    • Scroll down to review file #138, double click on line to reveal list of current newspapers received
    • Double click on title of first newspaper from alphabetically sorted pile to open checkin  card
    • Review check notes for any unique instructions
  2. Check in issue
    • Insert any new boxes before checking in the last box otherwise card status will change to f=filled. (Adding a range of boxes for dailies is more efficient)
      • If card is full (will not allow you to to add boxes), go to the top and consolidate a range of boxes into one
      • Right click, type B A. Fill in number of boxes desired, adjust cover date if necessary, enter or click OK.
    • Whatever box is highlighted will be checked in (NOTE: be sure to check the issue in hand against the automatically highlighted box. May not be the same. Move mouse to appropriate box to switch to another issue)
    • Click checkin box or type c, checkin box dialog opens.
    • Check for the following details—don’t assume the pre-filled information is correct.
      • Adjust cover date if necessary
      • Notes: enter notes if needed (eg.: partial number of copies received, copy damaged, etc)
      • Click OK. Box changes to Arrived with today’s date.
    • For modifications (eg. incorrect date for paper coming in thrice weekly)
      • Highlight the boxes to be changed. Hold the <ctrl> key to highlight multiple boxes.
      • Right click on one of the boxes highlighted
      • Select the “box menu”
      • Select “update boxes as a group”
      • In resulting dialog box see window options for updating cover date, expect date, volume, etc.
      • Click OK when changes done
    • Save changes via either Ctrl S or the Save icon at top of screen
    • Close checkin card
    • Copies for Special Collections are placed on white rack near water cooler; SC personnel will pick them up.
    • Deliver rest of newspapers to North checkout desk
  3. Check in record updates (as needed)
    • Expected dates: review to be sure in sync with time of receipts in hand; seldom required. If so:
      • Click last box checked in
      • Hold down and highlight subsequent expected boxes
      • Right click and select box menu –> update boxes as a group
      • In resulting dialog box check boxes for expect dates
      • Check box for cover dates if that requires updating as well
    • Card status: right click on any box, click Card Menu, Edit Card.
    • Checknotes: Delete as necessary.

Additional Tips

If more than one copy arrives and our records indicate one current subscription, check the label on the paper. May need to route to other campus locale. Bring to on-campus out bucket in the Mail Room.