12-2 Checking in Periodicals

Purpose: To check in physical issues of periodical titles (titles belonging to 763 fund).

Begin by logging onto Sierra Serials Checkin.

1. Go to the correct record.

From Index pull down select search options:

  • Type T followed by the journal title (Note: watch for ejournal record for same title), or
  • Type I followed by the journal ISSN
  • Type A followed by author (i.e. association produced titles)
  • Click on search
  • Double click on title; checkin card will open
  • Click on Record button to review Checknotes for:
    • Strip (insert strip in issue as needed)
    • Location (location code will be either opssh, opsci, olmc, or ospc)
    • Verify Fund is 763; if not – this is not a print periodicals checkin card; start search over to locate correct card.

2. Check in issue

  • Add at least one box before checking in the received issue.
    • Right click any box and type B A
    • Edit number of boxes if needed. Click OK
  • Whatever box is highlighted will be checked in (NOTE: be sure to check the issue in hand against the automatically highlighted box to insure accuracy)
  • Just move mouse to appropriate box to switch to another issue
  • Click checkin button or type c. Check carefully for the following details. Don’t assume the pre-filled information is correct.
    • Volume, issue and cover dates will prompt if not already in the box.
    • Notes: enter notes (Ex.: PART 2 SUPP.) if needed.
    • For modifications
      • To edit a single box, double-click the box.
      • For more than one box: Highlight the boxes to be changed. Hold the <ctrl> key to highlight multiple boxes.
      • Right click on one of the boxes highlighted
      • Select the “box menu”
      • Select “update boxes as a group”
      • In resulting dialog box see window options for updating cover date, expect date, volume, etc.
      • Click OK when changes done
  • Some notes on special cases:
    • If checking in an issue that has “missing” or “not recv’d” in the box it is most likely a backbuy.
    • Supplement – most supplements are checked in on the same box. Box note will read “+ Suppl”. A few regular supplementary periodicals have their own distinct checkin records and some titles check in supplements on the regular card with “Insert/Add Supplement Boxes” on the Right-Click Box Menu
    • If title not found:
      • Be sure to have tried multiple search options
      • Check pile to see if related title is present (eg. a special issue or supplement to title readily found). If a likely “partner” is present, check notes carefully for instructions on special or supplementary issues.
      • Check discard file on URSUS (Title: DISCARD CHECKLIST FOR ORONO A THROUGH Z)
      • If still not found, fill out “mystery issue” slip to send to Head of Collections
  • Save changes by clicking on Save icon OR Ctrl S.
  • Close card

Note: If card is full, Sierra will prompt you regarding filled status yes or no.  If still active, select no and add one box.

3. Edit checkin record

  • Expect dates: review to be sure in sync with time of receipts in hand. If update required:
    • Click last box checked in
      • Hold down Ctrl key and highlight subsequent expected boxes
      • Right click and select box menu –> update boxes as a group
      • In resulting dialog box check boxes for expect dates
      • Check box for cover dates if that requires updating as well
    • Card status: Right click on any box, click “Card Menu”
    • Checknotes: Add/Delete as necessary.

Processing Checked In Journals

  • Place issues in piles sorted by location (eg. opssh, opsci, olmc, ospc).
    • Insert security strips on those needed
    • Apply white label on opssh, olmc, and osci titles and stamp with appropriate date stamp.
    • Learning Center magazines get opssh stamp
    • Stamp directly on ospc titles on back or contents page
  • Place ospc journals on White Rack in Content Organization & Management area; Special Collections personnel will pick them up
  • Shelf opssh and osci journals in Presidents Room on 2nd floor
  • Shelf olmc journals in Learning Center on 2nd floor