12-6 Standing Order Title Change

Purpose: To modify records in URSUS for a standing order that has undergone a title change.

Modifying the existing URSUS records

  1. Check in the issue/volume on the checkin card for the old title
  2. Delete checkin boxes that correspond to the old title
  3. Update and close holdings statement for old title
  4. Insert notes into checkin and order records regarding the title change, giving both the old and new titles, and the vol/date of occurrence
  5. Deliver hard copy of new text to Cataloging; with noted old bib number and indicate title change; Cataloging will obtain updated bib record and return hard copy with new bib record noted
  6. Transfer order record and checkin card to new bib
  7. Mark flag(s) accordingly and deliver to Cataloging for adding to collection