12-14 Closing Checkin Card

Purpose: To close an inactive checkin card for subsequent removal.  For periodicals, binding staff should be notified so they can pull volumes for binding, delete checkin card and create or update holdings record.  GovDoc records will also be collected.  Will consult Government Publications staff regarding removal and holdings record creation.

Checkin CARDS are closed for print receipt for the following reasons:

  • Title change
  • Cancellation
  • Shift to online only format
  • Ceased publication

Reason should be apparent in last checkin box (eg. “ONLINE ONLY” or “CANCELLED” or “CEASED”).  When this note box is created the status for the checkin card should be changed to F for FILLED.

  • Right click any box
  • Select edit CARD menu
  • Select edit card
  • In resulting dialog box, move mouse to “Status” dropdown window (at top of screen) and select “F Filled” from pulldown menu.
  • Notify both Circ and Binding staff using half page white form
    • If Current periodical, copy to Ken and Kathy
    • If housed in SEC, copy to Nancy Michaud

Review file should be run at least once a year:

  • From Sierra interface select Create Lists
  • Find empty review file (one holding 1000 records should be plenty big enough)
  • Select Search records button
  • Enter review file name: ORO Inactive Checkin records [ninitials] [date]
  • Store record type: Checkin and CARD  (Note search will default then to Orono range of records: .c4000006 to .c42747xx)
  • Operator type for all parameters is Checkin
  • Parameters
    • Fund/keyer = 3 AND CARD status = f     (gathers print titles)
    • OR
    • Fund/keyer = 6 AND CARD status = f    (gathers microform titles)
  • When file search complete highlight to select from review file list
  • Click SORT RECORDS button
  • Type = checkin and field = location
  • Enter location then click append
  • Type = bibliographic and field = title
  • Click sort/save button at bottom of dialog box
  • When complete, double click review file name from list to view individual records for editing