12-7 Annual Ebsco Renewals Project

Purpose: Process the Ebsco annual subscription renewal electronically via EbscoNet.com.  The entire process takes several months as the renewal list is available in early June and the final list of titles to renew is submitted back to Ebsco at some point in mid-September.  The following is an overview of the process; actual steps will vary depending upon need and unique situations.  For example, the Head of Collections will have specific questions regarding various titles that will require additional research; Head of Collections will provide detailed questions and explanations of additional work needed.

Our Ebsco representative will send an email in early June notifying the annual renewal list has been loaded to EbscoNet.  Log into EbscoNet, click on Renewals tab.  Once the title list appears on the screen, export to an Excel sheet and save to share drive/collection development/journals.  Name the file:  YYYY Ebsco Renewal List downloaded MMDDYY.  Alert Head of Collections via email.

Head of Collections will review file, make renewal decisions, note them on the spreadsheet and notify when the Excel sheet information is ready to be entered in EbscoNet.

Log into EbscoNet, Click on Renewals tab, using Excel sheet completed by Head of Collections update each title as necessary.  NOTE:  In most cases there will not be any changes as the subscriptions more often than not roll over from year to year.  EbscoNet defaults to Yes to renew, therefore, no changes will need to be made to the titles Head of Collections has opted to renew.

When all changes have been completed, once again export the renewal list to Excel.  Save to above noted location and name the file: YYYY Ebsco Title List at Time of Renewal.  Once this is complete, click on Submit for Approval.  This has just moved the renewal list on to the step of final approval and release to Ebsco.

The Head of Collections EbscoNet account permissions include the ability to release the renewal list to Ebsco as our final order for the next year’s subscriptions.  Schedule time to work with Head of Collections to complete releasing the renewal list to Ebsco.  Once released, email Ebsco account representative to notify the final renewal list has been submitted to Ebsco for processing.

Update Sierra order records as necessary noting any changes in format, cancellation, etc.  Titles that are simply going to renew will probably not need any type of order record update.