12-16 Invoice Payment Codes

1. Enter invoice number followed by a forward slash: XXXXX/

2. Enter special payment type code(s) in the appropriate position following the slash:

a. Enclosure (First Position)

  • G – Check to Business Office
  • C – Check to Campus Mailroom
  • Blank – Check to Vendor [default]

b. Due Date (Second character position)

  • Blank – Invoice will be paid within 30 days of invoice date, unless there are terms in the vendor records [default]
  • C- Invoice will be paid in the next check cycle. (Currently pay twice a week)
  • Z – Deposit account item. Do not pay.

c. Separate Check (Third character position)

  • Y – Invoice paid on separate check
  • Blank – No separate check [default]


  • XXXX/ _ Z _ (Deposit account invoice. Do not pay.)
  • XXXX/ G C Y (Check to business office. Invoice in next check cycle.)