Collection Development Gift Policy

The Library of the University of Maine is pleased to accept donations of all materials which are in good physical condition and which are appropriate to the Library’s mission, goals and collection policies.

All gifts in kind will be accepted by the Dean of Libraries, Head of Collection Services, or the Head of Special Collections. Upon receipt donated materials become the property of the Library. The decision to add gift materials to the collection will be made by the Head of Collection Development or the Head of Special Collections, in consultation with other Library staff members as appropriate. Materials that do not meet the Library’s collection development policies will be disposed of through sale, exchange, donation, or discard.

In general gifts to which the donor has attached conditions, such as those concerning retention, housing, classification and use, will not be accepted for inclusion in the Library collection. Exceptions may be made for materials, chiefly manuscripts and personal papers, which would be appropriately housed in the Library’s Special Collections Department. Gift subscriptions will be carefully scrutinized and the Library’s acceptance of such gifts does not constitute a commitment to renew titles after the initial subscription period.

With the exception of unsolicited materials, gifts to the Library will be acknowledged in writing. Virtual bookplates stating the donor’s name will be added to the URSUS record for each item, at the donor’s request. Bookplates may also be affixed to items if requested. In the case of gifts that have significant monetary value such as rare books, manuscripts, and large subject collections, the Library and donor will complete an “Acquisition Sheet and Instrument of Gift” form.

In accordance with United States tax regulations and the Association of College and Research Libraries “Statement on Appraisal of Gifts,” the Library will not appraise the value of gifts in kind. Although the determination of value will be the responsibility of the donor, the Library may assist the donor by providing URLs for services that sell used and rare books, as well as information about professional appraisers. The Library will direct interested donors to the University’s Development Office for information about claiming tax deductions for donated materials.

All monetary gifts will be accepted and acknowledged by the Dean of Libraries. Donor preferences for the purchase of materials will be respected provided they are not contrary to the Library’s mission, goals and collection policies. In general, the Library will not purchase continuations such as journals with one-time monetary donations.

For more information, please contact:
Deborah Rollins, Head, Collection Services
(207) 581-1659 or drollins [at] maine [dot] edu