Faculty/Staff Profile Database

Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School


Welcome to the University of Maine's Faculty and Staff Profile Database (FSP). This system was designed to provide a uniform data-entry environment that will then enable campus administrators to present an accurate and current picture of the University’s faculty and professional staff and their activities.

The primary intent of this system is to collect aggregate data on several levels: 1) by department/unit; 2) by college and 3) for the whole University. The primary output tool for this information will be department/college annual reports.

As a secondary benefit, the database can also serve as an on-going repository for individual faculty members to "house" their information and then be able to export it for other purposes as they choose, such as into their websites, CV's, promotion and tenure reports, etc.. (Note: this would be done only by the faculty/staff member, not by administrators.)

Since it is web-based and available 24/7, relevant data can be entered as events occur rather than waiting until the end of the academic year.

A third purpose that the system may be used for in the future is public information, as several stakeholders on campus are interested in accessing information such as expertise.

The data entry elements in the FSP were initially based on recommendations by the University Research Council, and with further input from the colleges and Faculty Senate, have been designed to be inclusive of all disciplines in all colleges. Despite variations in the types of information that different disciplines might report, all data entry elements will be available to all faculty members in order to make sure that we have the potential to capture the full breadth of what is being done on campus (e.g. engineers may also be engaged in creative activities and artists may have technical activities).


In the darker blue bar at the top of the screen, you will find links that will help you navigate through this Web site. Click on the specific link to enter your data, to view your reports, to logout, to see a list of contacts for reporting bugs or making suggestions, or to change your password.

Click on the "Enter Data" link to enter data for your report for the current FY (July 1 to June 30). If you entered reports in this site in previous years, that information is available for you to print (under 'View Reports') or edit (under 'Edit Data'), by selecting the button next to the desired year.

In the upper right-hand side of each data entry screen is a link to "Guidelines." These guidelines provide in-depth information about each section of the report.

Information automatically carried forward from year to year includes general information, contact information, and expertise. Information that may be copied from the previous year into the current year and then edited includes courses taught, grad students, service, collaborations, mentoring, service and publications. (The link for this appears on the "Enter Data" page, and is above the report table on the right-hand side.) When publications are carried forward, only those with status "accepted" or "submitted" are carried forward. Data copied from the previous year can then be edited with minor changes for the current year.

When you have entered all your information for the year, please be sure to check the box for "This report is complete." Note that you may still add and edit data afterwards even if you have indicated that the report is complete.

Note: While your college will determine their deadline for data entry to be completed, reports are based on the fiscal year of July 1 to June 30th. If there is activity after that deadline that you wish to still enter data for (i.e. publication or presentation), campus administrators will have the ability to still include it in reports.