Create a Permalink for Library-Licensed Resources

If you access licensed resources (ejournals, databases, ebooks) frequently, we recommend installing the proxy bookmarklet from Maine InfoNet.

To create a bookmark, favorite, or permanent link to a licensed electronic resource, you must create a special URL accessing the resource through the library proxy server due to licensing agreements.

Alternatives to creating a bookmark or favorite:

An increasing number of publishers are providing permalink resources that users need only copy and paste. While this feature may be found by scrolling to the bottom of the article page on many sites, the location of this resource may vary. If a permalink resource is not available on the licensed resource you are using, please use the following steps.

To create a permanent link to specific licensed resources, such as journals, articles, or databases for a course syllabus, reading list, or Web page:

  1. Identify the direct link to the resource. For example, the URL for Accident Analysis & Prevention is
  2. Add the Fogler Library proxy address as a prefix:
  3. These elements are spliced together by placing the proxy prefix before the resource URL (prefix + URL) to create the following permalink:

For bookmarks or favorites:

  1. Create the bookmark or favorite, if you have not already done so.
  2. From your browser menu select “Organize Favorites” or “Organize Bookmarks.”
  3. Right click the bookmark or favorite and click “Properties.”
  4. In the resulting dialog box paste the Fogler Library proxy in front of the existing URL or Location. Do not leave any spaces in the URL.
  5. Click “SAVE” and test the favorite or bookmark.

NOTE: If you do not need to link to a specific resource but simply want to quickly access library-licensed resources when you do a Google search, when you get an e-mail with a link to an article from a colleague, or an alert with citations from a favorite journal, we recommend installing the University of Maine edition LibX Toolbar on your Chrome or Firefox browser. The LibX toolbar’s right-click feature to reload a web page via UMaine EZProxy allows immediate access to Fogler Library-licensed resources in these situations.

You may also access subscribed journals and other online resources by searching for and linking to them via official library pages such as Indexes & Databases, URSUS, or ejournals@umaine.