Terms of Use for Licensed Materials

The Raymond H. Fogler Library (The University of Maine), the University of Maine System Libraries, and the Maine State Library have signed license agreements that govern the use of online databases, indexes, e-journals, e-books, CD-ROMs, and even printed books, in some cases. The agreements require these institutions to provide licensed materials access to only authorized users (usually, University of Maine students, staff, and faculty). They also require that authorized users follow acceptable use policies.

Examples of acceptable uses of resources and data:

  • Search, view, retrieve and display licensed data
  • Save or print limited amounts or parts of the data for personal research use
  • Uses allowed under copyright (may be further restricted by license terms)

Examples of unacceptable uses of resources and data:

  • Commercial use
  • Redistribution of data to unauthorized users, e.g. via e-mail, a web site, or a database
  • Republication of the resource or the data
  • Providing access to unauthorized users, e.g. those outside the University of Maine
  • Automated or excessive data crawling within resources
  • Automated or systematic downloading, mining, or harvesting of data
  • Removal or alteration of a copyright holder’s information

Authorized users who breach license agreements may lose access to resources and may face disciplinary action. Misuse may even result in loss of access for the entire University of Maine community. Please contact a librarian if you have questions concerning acceptable use of library resources. You may also wish to refer to The University of Maine Electronic Communication Policy.