JSTOR DDA: Triggered Titles

Purpose: To update demand driven acquisition (DDA/EBA) records triggered to be part of the permanent collection.   [rev. 10/25/18]

  1. Acquisitions Department forwards a weekly list of triggered DDA titles via email.
  2. From Sierra interface search for title of DDA ebook listed on the electronic list.  Please note you may retrieve more than one record with the same title.  Be sure you have the record with the 590 note which reads, “JSTOR DDA.” [Tip: sheet will include the ISBN number; may want to retrieve record with an “i PUBN #” search.]
  3. Item record will have the call number and 856 link field already in place.
  4. Add holdings to OCLC
    • Open a Connexion Client session using login
    • Search for record by OCLC number found in the 001 field of the Sierra record (copy/paste for accuracy)
    • Under the Action menu choose holding –> update holdings
  5. To overlay record for OCLC export.   [Note: overlay recommended in case of record mergers reflected in the 019 field]
    • Add command line:
    • Copy/paste the bib number from the Sierra bib record to the end of the command line.
    • Export record
  6. Back in Sierra,
    • Refresh the record in order to check for expected changes.
    • Update the item record icode2 value to ‘r’  [Note: icode2 field helpful for review file creation]
    • Save

If more than three records not found in Sierra forward to professional cataloguer to download through WorldShare.  If less than three the following steps are required from Connexion

  1. In Connexion copy/paste title (or ISBN) to find the correct JSTOR ebook record.
  2. The OCLC record often has a generic JSTOR url in the record.  Click on the url to locate the specific ebook record on the JSTOR Web Site to check date and ISBN; hold screen open for copy in step 5
  3. Add the command line: 94933*recs-b110n;ov-.b;b1-4;b2-o;b3-b;bn-owebb;i-/ty-97/loc-oweb/i2-r/sta-k
  4. Add the url: 85640ǂu http://www.library.umaine.edu/auth/EZProxy/test/authej.asp?url= ǂz UM Orono Access [Tip: Can use “text string” tool in your OCLC Connexion account]
  5. After ?url= paste in the URL found at the JStor web site for the specific title.
  6. Add 590 note to read, JSTOR DDA
  7. Remove any other 856 fields on the OCLC record
  8. Add MEU holdings to OCLC (see step 4 above)
  9. Export Record
  10. Back in Sierra
    • Move 856 field from the imported bib record to the item record.
    • Save.
    • Click on View tab –> Public Display for patron view. Test the link to make sure it is accessible.