New Catalog Coming: Take Note of Action Items

We are excited to announce the first significant update to the University of Maine System Libraries (UMSL) catalog and search experience since 1988, set to debut in the summer of 2024. This will modernize how you interact with library resources, offering a more intuitive and efficient platform for discovering information.

The new system will introduce LibrarySearch, an enhanced interface that provides a seamless and streamlined experience, empowering patrons to navigate through the extensive collection of resources with ease.

Anticipated to launch in mid-June 2024, the transition to LibrarySearch marks a significant milestone for UMSL. The forthcoming changes are designed to enhance accessibility and efficiency, ultimately enriching the research process for all library patrons. Throughout the implementation process, users are encouraged to exercise patience as adjustments are made to optimize the new system. Stay tuned for further updates as UMSL prepares to unveil LibrarySearch and usher in a new era of research and discovery.

Before June 7, 2024, all Library patrons should review these action items related to their library accounts’ saved searches and history. Faculty should also preview these action items to learn how this will impact their course reserves and persistent links on BrightSpace or other Course Management Systems.

For more information and updates, please visit the UMSL ILS Transition Guide.