The Nelson B. Jones Stein Collection

The Nelson B. Jones Stein Collection at the University of Maine is on display in the Oakes Room Cafe at Raymond H. Fogler Library.

In May of 1962, the Governing Board of the Memorial Union, with the urging of Nelson B. Jones, the first director of the Memorial Union, formally authorized the creation of the permanent stein collection which today carries Nelson’s name.

One of the first donations came from Barry Millet ’56 who loaned a few of his own steins to get the collection started. From that day, steins have been donated on a regular basis by students, alumni, and friends of the University. Today, the Stein Collection numbers over two hundred.

In the beginning, the basic theme of the collection was to be academic, including steins from colleges and universities throughout the world. The scope of the collection has broadened significantly and now includes many styles and representatives of various methods of manufacturing.