Serials Processing: Annual Inactive Checkin Record Review

Purpose:  An annual checkin record clean up in order to close checkin cards with “filled” status.

I. Create Checkin Review File

  1. In Sierra Serials Checkin, click on “Create Lists”
  2. Scroll down to find an ORO designated “Empty” slot [between review lines 129-193].  If no empty slot available work with TS staff to empty an existing one.
  3. Click on “Search Records”
  4. Enter a “Review File Name” in the corresponding name box. File name should have “ORO:” as a prefix.
  5. “Store Record Type” = checkin and card
    • First parameter.  Double click under following categories to choose search terms:
      • “Type” = c checkin
      • “Field” = Fund/Keyer = equal to
      • “Value A” = 763
    • Click on “Append Line” for the second parameter.  Double click under following categories to choose search terms:
      • “Type” = c checkin
      • “Field” = Fund/Keyer
      • “Condition” = equal to
      • “Value A” = 766
    • Click on “Append Line” for the third parameter. Double click under following categories to choose search terms:
      • “Operator” = and (default setting)
      • “Type” = c checkin
      • “Field” = card status
      • “Condition” = equal to
      • “Value A” = filled (typically manually applied to ceased or canceled titles)

NOTE: Group first and second parameter together by highlighting lines and clicking on “Group”.  This allows boolean searching of filled checkin criteria with 763 (periodical) OR 766 (microform).

Search will take a few minutes to complete.

II. Performing Checkin Record Clean up

Sort the review file by fund code to separate the 766 titles collection from the 763 titles.

Open review file and begin going through each record and closing any checkin cards that are complete.

To close a checkin card:

  • After opening checkin card, highlight “Tools” on the top screen menu
  • Highlight “Card Menu” and click on “Delete Card”

Any issues that should be bound or discarded (straggler issues) should be noted in the appropriate spreadsheet fields.

A note stating straggler issues (including volume, number, date) should be placed internally into each record (e.g. c4001187).

Export the review file.

An Excel spreadsheet template is saved on the Share drive: S:\Serials under title, “Inactive Checkin Records Template”. Spreadsheet can be distributed via e-mail.

  • Fill-in categories corresponding to each location (Reference, Gov Docs, Darling Center, etc.)
  • Type in each title, type in any discard issues (any issues that SHOULD be discarded) and any other information will fall under the “Notes” category.
  • Additionally, for Gov Doc titles, fill-in corresponding bib record numbers (ex. .b4522541) to alleviate confusion among records with same titles.
  • Department contact should update periodicals staff member upon project completion.


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