Cataloging: Queuing Spine Labels for Printing

Purpose:  To streamline label production from shared printer by invoking the batch printing option in Sierra, saving and queuing for later printing.

  1. Tagging each record for the print queue (typically while inspecting records after import from OCLC)
    • Open Cataloging module in Sierra
    • Select item record
    • Find Tools pull down menu at the top of the item screen
    • Select “Queue Monographic Label to print”
    • Save
  2. Review file preparation (when cataloging session completed)
    • Go to the Create Lists function
    • Empty designated Orono review file #129 of previous content (check with co-workers as needed).
    • Highlight the review file slot.
    • Click on copy
    • In resulting box scroll down to select file to copy from Example: 362 Labels for batching printing for ballen (33)
    • Click OK
    • Prompt: Do you want to remove the file copied  from? Choose yes
    • Select Show records; displays titles in the print queue
    • Select waiting titles by checking box to the left of each entry (Check first box and hold Shift key to select all waiting titles)
  3. Printing Queued Labels:
    • Under File menu select ‘Print continuous labels’
    • In resulting dialog box select all (check off the radio button)
    • Select print button
    • In resulting box highlight ‘local printer’
    • Click OK
    • In next box under the Name pulldown menu find Floor3Atiz\Lexmark Froms Printer 2590
    • Click OK to start printing