Cataloging: Streaming Media in Kaltura

Purpose: Draft procedure for the handling of physical media and the loading of media into Kaltura.

  1. Acquisitions sends DVD to Cataloging with info about course, professor, and semester needed.
  2. Cataloging catalogs the physical DVD, and sends to Circulation with course info. Access note field (506) is added with access note language depending on licensing agreement.
      • Digital copy may be available for instructors. Ask Librarian
      • Course use of DVD is limited to in-person face-to-face teaching
      • Course use of DVD is limited to users affiliated with the campus that owns it and holds the license
  3. Circulation uploads to the UMaine Fogler Media Library channel in Kaltura admin (KMC). This channel is set to private, in compliance with copyright, so that no one may see the videos in the list unless a specific link is provided. Authorized users can see the entire list.
  4. The owner of the video needs to be changed from the personal account of whom ever digitized to the general Fogler account.
  5. In the Title field, qualifiers, if any need to be added in square brackets. Do not add [English language], this is the assumed default, much like the dissertations in DC.
    1. Example: Princess Mononoke [English subtitles]
    2. Example: Princess Mononoke [Japanese audio]
  6. Description gets copy and pasted into the field.
  7. Tags, added by Circulation:
    1. OCLC####### (from 001 field in bib record)
    2. #fogler [need to create a list of location abbreviations]
    3. #foglerchannel
  8. Categories, added by Circulation:
    1. UMaine Fogler Media Library (or the appropriate channel)
    2. InContext (see this frequently, possibly associated with resource being in BrightSpace?)
  9. Circulation staff adds film to the Brightspace course shell for which it is needed. To do so, they add their own e-mail address stem as “co-publisher” to film in Kaltura, e.g. if address is, add linda.smith2. Name will pop up for selection.
  10. Locate course shell in Brightspace and add film as outlined in Brightspace procedures document. This allows faculty to use and link to film clips for the course. [or you could pop in a copy of the entire Brightspace detailed set-up procedures here].
  11. Circulation staff notifies faculty member that the film is available in their Brightspace course shell.