Serials Processing: Classed Serial Title Change

Purpose: To modify records in URSUS for a classed serial, received as a standing order, that has undergone a title change.

Modifying the existing URSUS records

  1. Check in the issue/volume on the checkin card for the old title
  2. Delete checkin boxes that correspond to the old title
  3. Change holdings statement so it reflects the new title only
  4. Insert notes into checkin and order records regarding the title change, giving both the old and new titles, and the vol/date of occurrence, with your initials and the date
  5. Assume (for now) that the call # will remain the same, and flag appropriately; adding the words “title change” on the top of the flag, in the spot where you would normally put the oclc #
  6. If you suspect a title change but are not sure, first check the piece itself. Check the small print in the front and back, the preface, introduction, and/or letter from the editor. Sometimes they do not make any mention of the title change, but often they do. If no information can be found on the piece try the following: check with the publisher or the vendor websites to search for any additional information.

Preparing the information for cataloging 

  1. Write the bib # of the old title on the white “title change” flag
  2. Usually, there will not be a bib on URSUS yet for the new title, but if there is one that looks acceptable write down the bib #, followed by a question mark.
  3. The “special notes” section can be used for almost anything. Examples include: retention policies, information on another library that may be on the wrong bib, etc.
  4. Write the date on the top of the flag
  5. Get printouts of the old title’s bib record (also the new title, if there is one)
  6. Place the book and all its paperwork on the corner of the CL3’s desk

Cataloging the new title 

  1. Search OCLC for new bib record
  2. Review printouts to establish history of title
  3. Verify holdings and time of title change with physical volume in hand for the new title. If bib record indicates the change took place earlier than caught, items for previous volumes will need to be transferred to new bib after it is downloaded
  4. Edit the printout for the new title with the following steps in mind:
    • Provide instruction for format of volume information (i.e. v.22 1996)
    • Provide any special note instructions (i.e. Retention policy)
    • Indicate where the title is located (i.e. osci, oref, etc)
  5. Overlay bibliographic record for the old title on URSUS to close. Please note the following should be present:
    • 785 field linking to the new bib record
    • 260 field: subfield c should include date of closing
    • 363 field: volume information should be closed
    • Fixed field: status should be “d” and second date for closing should be present
  6. Download new record and/or any necessary linked titles not already present on URSUS
  7. If former title volume accompanies the new and is being transferred (ie. from Ref to Stacks) leave on “remove from Ref” shelf for processing
  8. When recataloging a title from a monographic to a serial record, cancel holdings symbol on OCLC monographic record
  9. If the monographic record is on URSUS, delete our item record(s). If Orono is the only holding library, overlay the bibliographic record with the new serial record
  10. Send the book on its way and return the paperwork to Orders Library Specialist

Establishing the new URSUS records 

  1. Double check everything very quickly
  2. Transfer our checkin and order records from the old title to the current title bib record
  3. Verify the call number


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