Serials Processing: YBK Invoices

Purpose: To process YBP Library Services Invoices & to reconcile monthly statement from YBP for standing orders on fund 767.

1. Invoices are included in box from YBP.
2. Invoices are charged against a deposit account at YBP, so they will need to be Z payments in Millennium. See Accounting Interface: Codes for Special Types for further information on Z payments. Complete processing invoices instructions can be seen at Orders: Invoices.
3. Invoice arrives in 4 copies. Keep white and blue copies. The white copy goes in the Z folder for Sharon’s review during the weekly invoice review process.
4. Retain the blue copy.
5. LA1 in Acquisitions (Meg) will receive monthly statement from YBP. Meg will give us the page(s) from statement pertaining to fund code 767 (our vendor code: ypb80). Compare statements to retained blue copies of individual invoices. Verify all items on statement were received.
6. Investigate any discrepancies with YBP representative.


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