Fogler Library Faculty Newsletter 9-27-17

Gale Primary Sources Workshop, Expanding Scholarly Impact, November Grants 101 Workshop

In this issue:

  1. Making Connections within Gale Primary Sources Workshop
  2. Expanding Scholarly Impact for UMaine Faculty
  3. November Grants 101 Workshop

1. The “Long” 18th Century: Making Connections within Gale Primary Sources

Date & Time: Tuesday, Oct. 3, 4:00-5:15 p.m.
Location: Library Classroom, 1st floor Fogler Library

As part of the 2017 Digital Humanities Week, this workshop will provide an overview of critical primary sources available to scholars at the University of Maine seeking to enhance their digital humanities research experience. Representatives from Gale will review the Gale Primary Sources platform, including core primary source databases available through the library. We will also cover recent research enhancements that may not easily be found within the normal library discovery tool environment, including term frequency, term clusters, downloadable OCR, and other integrated workflow tools. Bring your own laptop, or use one provided by Fogler Library.

2. Expanding Scholarly Impact for UMaine Faculty

During August 2017, DigitalCommons@UMaine experienced more than 47,000 full-text downloads and over 300 new submissions. UMaine scholarship was read by nearly 3000 institutions across 177 countries.

Are you interested in increasing your scholarly impact on a global level by uploading in DigitalCommons@UMaine? Contact your Fogler Library subject specialist to learn more.

3. November Grants 101 Workshop

Date & Time: Tuesday, Nov. 21, 10am-12pm

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Fogler Library are sponsoring “Grants 101: Seeking, Analyzing, and Writing Basics.” At the workshop, you will:

  • search for grants in PIVOT
  • analyze an agency’s Request for Proposals
  • learn Grant Writing Basics

To attend the October Grants 101 Workshop, please RSVP to Jen Bonnet using this form.