Subject Specialists

For reference questions, requests for library instruction, or collection development suggestions pertaining to the subject areas listed below, please contact the librarian listed. Don’t see your area of study? Please contact Nancy Lewis, 207.581.3613,

See the Collection Services Department for general information about the collection.

Animal & Veterinary Sciences: Anne Marie Engelsen, 207.581.1678,

Anthropology: Jennifer Bonnet, 207.581.3611,

Art: Jennifer Bonnet, 207.581.3611,

Biochemistry, Microbiology & Molecular Biology: Nancy Curtis, 207.581.1679,

Biology and Ecology: Anne Marie Engelsen, 207.581.1678,

Business Administration: Senta Sellers, 207.581.3610,

Canadian Studies: Betsy Beattie, 207.581.1694,

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering: Nancy Curtis, 207.581.1679,

Chemistry: Nancy Curtis, 207.581.1679,

Civil & Environmental Engineering: Nancy Curtis, 207.581.1679,

Communication & Journalism: Jennifer Bonnet, 207.581.3611,

Communication Sciences & Disorders: Nancy Curtis, 207.581.1679,

Computer Science: Nancy Curtis, 207.581.1679,

Dance: Mel Johnson, 207.581.3614,

Earth and Climate Sciences: Anne Marie Engelsen, 207.581.1678,

Ecology and Environmental Sciences: Anne Marie Engelsen, 207.581.1678,

Economics: Senta Sellers, 207.581.3610,

Education: Amber Gray, 207.581.3612,

Electrical & Computer Engineering: Nancy Curtis, 207.581.1679,

Engineering Technology: Nancy Curtis, 207.581.1679,

English: Mel Johnson, 207.581.3614,

Food Science & Human Nutrition: Nancy Curtis, 207.581.1679,

Forest Ecosystem Science:  Anne Marie Engelsen, 207.581.1678,

Forest Management: Anne Marie Engelsen, 207.581.1678,

Government Information, Maps, GIS: Greg Curtis, 207.581.1681,

History: Mel Johnson, 207.581.3614,

Horticulture: Anne Marie Engelsen, 207.581.1678,

Human Development & Family Studies: Amber Gray, 207.581.3612,

International Affairs: Nancy Lewis, 207.581.3613,

Kinesiology & Physical Education: Amber Gray, 207.581.3612,

Maine: Richard Hollinger,  207.581.1688,

Marine Sciences: Anne Marie Engelsen, 207.581.1678,

Mathematics & Statistics: Senta Sellers, 207.581.3610,

Mechanical Engineering: Nancy Curtis, 207.581.1679,

Modern Languages & Classics: Mel Johnson, 207.581.3614,

Music: Nancy Lewis, 207.581.3613,

Native American Studies: Jennifer Bonnet, 207.581.3611,

New Media/Intermedia: Mel Johnson, 207.581.3614,

Nursing: Senta Sellers, 207.581.3610,

Peace Studies: Nancy Lewis, 207.581.3613,

Philosophy: Mel Johnson, 207.581.3614,

Physics & Astronomy: Nancy Curtis, 207.581.1679,

Plant, Soil, & Environmental Sciences: Anne Marie Engelsen, 207.581.1678,

Political Science: Nancy Lewis, 207.581.3613,

Psychology: Amber Gray, 207.581.3612,

Public Administration: Nancy Lewis, 207.581.3613,

Resource Economics & Policy: Nancy Lewis, 207.581.3613,

Social Work: Nancy Lewis, 207.581.3613,

Sociology: Nancy Lewis, 207.581.3613,

Spatial Information Science & Engineering: Nancy Curtis, 207.581.1679,

Special Collections: Richard Hollinger,  207.581.1688,

Theatre: Mel Johnson, 207.581.3614,

Wildlife, Fisheries, & Conservation Biology: Anne Marie Engelsen, 207.581.1678,

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Nancy Lewis, 207.581.3613,

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