Fogler Library Faculty Newsletter 2-20-19

Data Management Planning Workshop, Expanding Scholarly Impact, Citation Manager Workshops, Python for Beginners

In this issue:

  1. Data Management Planning Workshop
  2. Expanding Scholarly Impact for UMaine Faculty
  3. Citation Manager Workshops
  4. Python for Beginners


1. Data Management Planning Workshop
Date & Time: February 21, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: Fogler Library Classroom 1

Research data has value long after you publish an article. Where can you store it to comply with funder requirements? How can you share it with future collaborators, or store sensitive data securely? Use a data management plan and UMaine’s Advanced Computing Group (ACG) resources to organize the collection, analysis, and preservation of your research data.

At this workshop, learn about what ACG has to offer for all your research data compliance needs, including the Data Management Plan Tool (DMPTool), Maine Dataverse Network, and cloud data storage options—including Google Drive, Box and Seafile—for handling your large data sets.

Laptops will be available for attendees who need to borrow one. This workshop is presented in collaboration with ACG. To attend online via Zoom, please contact

About the Presenter
Ami Gaspar is the UMaine ACG Outreach Specialist. She is fluent in tech/geek speak, able to cross multiple operating systems in a single bound, and serves as a translator to the non-technical while informing the technically inclined of ACG services.

2. Expanding Scholarly Impact for UMaine Faculty
In January, DigitalCommons@UMaine experienced more than 42,000 full-text downloads. Are you interested in increasing your scholarly impact on a global level by uploading in DigitalCommons@UMaine?

Fogler Library offers an online guide to DigitalCommons@UMaine, complete with video and step-by-step tutorials for creating an account and self-archiving in our Institutional Repository.  Contact your Fogler Library subject specialist to learn more.

3. Citation Manager Workshops
Large research projects, especially theses and dissertations, involve extensive use of a variety of publications. It’s difficult to locate and organize these materials and their citations and to represent these references in the required format. Citation managers can be a big help on this side of the research process.

This semester, Fogler Library will host both general citation management workshops and workshops focused on specific citation managers. If you plan to attend the general workshops and/or specific citation manager workshops, please RSVP online. The dates and times are:

  • Mendeley Workshop, Monday 2/25, 4-6pm
  • EndNote Basic Workshop, Wednesday 2/27, 4-6pm

Note to RefWorks users: RefWorks will be phased out by the end of the academic year. These workshops may help you choose a new citation manager and learn how to import your RefWorks record to a new platform.

4. Python for Beginners
Time & Date: March 5, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: Fogler Library Classroom 1

Fogler Library will host a workshop on building regression models in Python, one of the most versatile, powerful, and popular programming languages in the world. From web development to data visualization, learning Python will give you an in-demand skill that you can put to immediate use. This introductory workshop is presented in collaboration with UMaine’s Advanced Computing Group.

This workshop is open to participants with all levels of coding experience. We recommend bringing fully charged laptops, with Python 2.0 or higher already installed. Laptops will be available for attendees who need to borrow one. If you would prefer to attend via Zoom instead, email for connection information.

About the presenter
Xinyuan Wei is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Forest Resources. His research includes the carbon cycle, spatial statistics, geographic information science, and remote sensing. Currently, he is working on the estimate of global terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycle with computer models.