Maine Bicentennial Materials in DigitalCommons@UMaine

As Maine’s Bicentennial approaches, institutions, scholars, students and residents are once again looking to examine the events that culminated in Maine’s statehood. To support these efforts, we have gathered from our collections items that we hope will be of particular relevance and will provide a variety of perspectives on sensitive topics related to political, economic, social, business, and ethical issues related to boundaries and land use that remain pressing in discussions in the state today.

You’ll find these resources, like this 1824 hand-tinted map of Maine by cartographer Fielding Lucas, available for download in DigitalCommons@UMaine at

We are also pleased to have supported the efforts of the Maine Statehood and Bicentennial Conference held at the University of Maine May 30-June 1, 2019.  Conference content is available in DigitalCommons at