Special Collections Policies

Access Policies

  • In order to use our resources, one must sign the department register and be prepared to present a photo ID.
  • Items brought into the department must be stored in lockers and only pencil, paper, and laptops are allowed. No pens, laptop cases, bags of any kind, or purses are allowed. Coats must be left at front desk.
  • Photocopying or scanning of materials depends on the nature and condition of the material.  In most cases, non-flash photography is allowed.
  • Second copies of books may be borrowed with a valid University of Maine I.D. Card, Bangor Public Library Card, or Courtesy Library Card.
  • No manuscript collections will be pulled within 15 minutes of closing. No exceptions.
  • Most of our boxed manuscript collections, newspapers, and ledgers are housed in the Library Annex. We require a one week notice in order to make those materials available.

Gift Policy

Special Collections is pleased to discuss donations of rare books and Maine-related materials which are in good condition and are appropriate to Fogler Library’s mission.  For complete information, see our section on Subject Areas Actively Collected and the Fogler Library Gift Policy.

Research, Reproduction and Use Policies

Research Service

Special Collections staff members can assist with distance inquiries up to one hour per patron.  For inquiries that would require more than an hour, we recommend consulting the list of Maine Professional Genealogists maintained by the Maine State Library.  Staff can also recommend independent researchers.  To discuss your inquiry, email um.library.spc @ maine.edu or call 207.581.1686.

Reproduction Service

Within the parameters of copyright, items in our collections may be copied unless they are too fragile.  Special Collections staff reserves the right to make that determination on a case-by-case basis.  Reproduction fees help cover costs of equipment and staff time.  To place an order, email um.library.spc @ maine.edu or call 207.581.1686.

In most cases, on-site, non-flash digital photography is allowed at no charge.  Patrons must bring their own cameras and tripods.

Scanning and Photocopying

Fees of less than $5 (twenty scans or photocopies) may be waived at the department’s discretion.

The following fees apply to items up to 8.5” x 11” in size and requests of 300 or fewer pages.  Requests for oversized items or more than 300 pages to be determined in consultation with department head.

The following rates are for research copies.  If an image is to be published or used in an exhibit, an additional charge will be assessed according to the fees outlined in “Fees for Publication or Use” below.

  • Scanning or photocopying for University of Maine departments:
    • No charge
  • Scanning or photocopying for individuals and organizations:
    • $0.25 per image or page
  • Shipping and Handling of photocopied pages:
    • $7 per order  (There is no handling charge for digital files.)
  • Oversized duplication (items larger than 8.5” x 14”, maps, blueprints, etc.)
    • More than five images: quotes sought from local vendors; charges passed to the researcher.
    • Up to 5 images: fees remain the same as for standard-sized scans.  Allow up to 8 weeks for processing.  We provide digital files only; those who would like printed reproductions may want to see UMaine’s Printing Services Wide Format Printing Rates, https://umaine.edu/printingandmailing/pricing/

Special Collections does not provide prints of photographic images.  Digital files are available at the rate for scans.

Video Reproduction

Reproduction projects for video are typically routed through Northeast Historic Film in Bucksport.  Contact Special Collections for current prices and time needed for completion.

Fees for Publication or Use

There is no charge or additional permission process required for use of files available through DigitalCommons@UMaine.

For items not yet available in DigitalCommons, please note that these fees are for one-time use.  In addition to processing payment, a Permission for Use Form must also be completed and signed prior to publication.  Please contact Special Collections for more information.

Fees for material not available through DigitalCommons:

  • All materials, University of Maine departments:
    • No fees will be charged
  • Photographs, non-profit organizations:
    • $10.00 for one image
    • $ 5.00 for each additional image to be used in the same publication as the first
  • Photographs, for-profit organizations:
    • $50.00 for one image
    • $20.00 for each additional image to be used in the same publication as the first

Contact Special Collections

UMaine Special Collections & Archives, 5729 Fogler Library, Orono, ME, 04469-5729

phone: 207.581.1686 | email: um.library.spc@maine.edu