Fogler Library Faculty Newsletter 5-12-2020

Information Literacy Curriculum, WLBZ Radio Collection, “Read Like a Professor” Book Lists, COVID-19 Misinformation Challenge, and other news

In this issue

  1. Including Information Literacy Curriculum in Your Courses
  2. WLBZ Radio Collection Now Features Streaming Audio, New Content
  3. “Read Like a Professor” Book Lists
  4. COVID-19 Misinformation Challenge
  5. (Updated) Guide and Tutorial for APA Citation Style Changes
  6. Power Researcher Challenge and Research Impact Challenge Available Online

Featured Resource: New York Times (Historical and Present Day)
The Historical New York Times (1851 to 2014) offers searchable full text, with full page and article images (PDF). This resource includes articles, reviews, advertisements, comics, photos, maps and graphics, editorials, letters, and obituaries. For current full text, the New York Times on ProQuest provides coverage of the US newspaper of record from 1999 to the present. Offers in-depth coverage of national and international news, plus transcripts of important speeches and documents, Supreme Court decisions, and presidential press conferences.

1.  Including Information Literacy Curriculum in Your Courses 

As you prepare your summer and fall classes, you may want to include information literacy skill-building into your curriculum, as appropriate for your discipline.

Fogler Reference Librarians are able to assist with identifying concepts and designing assignments, as well as provide instruction in this area. Contact your subject librarian if you would like to discuss this.

2. WLBZ Radio Collection Now Features Streaming Audio, New Content

The WLBZ Radio Station collection now incorporates a new streaming audio feature available in DigitalCommons@UMaine. Users no longer need to download the audio file, but can instead click within each record to listen to the audio.

Since the end of March, fifty new recordings have been posted, with a combined running time of nearly 13 hours and 214 pages of transcribed text. Recently added recordings and their transcripts include coverage of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s return from the Atlantic Conference via Rockland in 1941, a record-breaking launch of eight ships on one day from Maine shipyards in 1942, Pierre Monteux and his school for musical conductors in Hancock in 1952, President Eisenhower’s address in Skowhegan in 1955, an interview with the first woman to complete the Appalachian Trail, Emma Gatewood, in 1957, and President Carter’s Town Meeting in Bangor in 1978, just to name a few.

You can browse the collection on Digital Commons. For more information, contact Fogler Library Special Collections at 207.581.1686 or

3. “Read Like a Professor” Book Lists

Fogler Library is compiling a reading list for students called “Read Like a Professor” and would like your help. We would love for you to answer either or both of the questions: “what is your favorite book” and “what book do you think all college students should read?” We hope to create two book lists based on your responses. The books can be in any genre, language, or format. We are also soliciting selfies or short introductory videos of you with the book or books you recommend to share with our community on social media. The final lists will be made available on the Fogler Library website.

If you would like to participate, please fill out a short form: Read Like a Professor Submission Form.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact librarians Anne Marie Engelsen (, Alex Hinrichs (, or Senta Sellers (

4. COVID-19 Misinformation Challenge

Join librarians at the University of Maine’s Fogler Library to discern fact from fiction in popular media. Each day for 5 days, you will receive an email with one or two tasks designed to test your knowledge of the novel coronavirus, while having fun and learning something new. You’ll spend time evaluating memes, doctors, news headlines, treatments, and some of the science behind the virus.

The challenge will take place from May 25th to May 29th To join, sign up online.

We encourage everyone who’s interested to sign up — even if you won’t have time to complete the challenges during the Challenge Week. All are welcome to participate, wherever you may live!

Have questions? Contact Jen Bonnet, and Senta Sellers,

5. (Updated) Guide and Tutorial for APA Citation Style Changes 

*The video tutorial for APA Citation Style Changes from last week’s newsletter has been updated.

Fogler Library’s Reference and Information Literacy Department has published a guide and video tutorial covering major changes outlined in the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

The guide includes an overview of changes to APA citation and formatting along with associated examples and additional resources.

6. Power Researcher Challenge and Research Impact Challenge Available Online

If you are still interested in participating in the Power Researcher Challenge or the Research Impact Challenge, the materials for both challenges are available online to view and complete at your convenience.

The Power Researcher Challenge includes tasks designed to help scholars boost their research acumen and optimize tools that are available at their fingertips. The Research Impact Challenge contains activities to help researchers better understand and manage their online scholarly presence, as well as consider ways to describe the impact and reach of their work.