Fogler Library Faculty Newsletter 09/27/2022

Fogler Library Faculty Newsletter | September 27, 2022
In this issue:

  • New Hot Topic Guides
  • The Under(Graduate) Literature Review Challenge!
  • Upcoming Fogler Workshops for Students
New Hot Topic GuidesFogler’s Reference and Information Department creates a number of Hot Topics guides designed to give an undergraduate a beginning overview of current topics.  We have just added two new guides: Cryptocurrencies, and U.S.-China Trade War.  Please share these links with your students, as appropriate.  If you are interested in having us develop a new Hot Topics guide, please get in touch with your Subject Liaison Librarian.
The Under(Graduate) Literature Review Challenge! (***New and Improved*** online and asynchronous)

This year, we’re offering a new and improved program that provides students with research strategies from Fogler Library and drafting & editing pro-tips from UMaine’s Writing Center Director.

Are your students conducting research to write a literature review, annotated bibliography, or research paper? We invite them to join Fogler Library & The Writing Center the week of October 24th-28th for The Under(Graduate) Literature Review Challenge. Each day, for five days, participants will receive an email with brief, self-paced tasks designed to enhance their research skills. Guided tasks include refining a research topic, strategically searching for information, synthesizing ideas among sources, annotating sources (i.e.: taking good notes), and authoring an annotated bibliography.

RSVP to join us! All are welcome – this Challenge will be especially resonant for undergraduates, yet graduate students will find particular components of interest. This program is online and asynchronous, so participants can work at their own pace and select activities that apply to their own projects.

If you’re interested in integrating The Under(Graduate) Literature Review Challenge into your course as either a required or extra credit element, please don’t hesitate to email Jen Bonnet at and she can send you a list of your students who participate.

Upcoming Fogler Workshops for StudentsThe Reference & Information Literacy Department is continuing our workshop series next week; take a look at the workshops to see if there are any you might want to recommend to your students! Contact Lindsay Decker with any questions.
Featured Resource: Hot Topics: Elections Guide

Published by the Reference and Information Literacy Department at Fogler Library, the Hot Topics: Elections guide provides useful information on voting in the United States. The guide includes background information on voting and voting trends as well as practical information about voting or registering to vote in the upcoming election. The guide also features helpful resources about local, state, and federal elections taking place this November.
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