1-12 Ordering Back Buys

Purpose: How to order missing journal issues (paper) directly from publishers or from various back issue vendors.

This process is initiated after Serials completes their process



1. Search Vendors:

    • Absolute Backorder Service database (Vendor code: absol) – If issue is listed online, order it. If issue is not listed, do not order from Absolute at this point without checking other sources first. If those sources don’t have a copy, Absolute can start a search for it.
    • Universal Serials & Book Exchange (USBE). Out of business.  (Vendor code: usb)
    • Publisher – Check a recent issue to see if there is information for ordering past issues. Publishers often require prepayment. Occasionally, they will offer to send the missing issue for free.
    • Periodicals Service Company (Vendor code: persc) We have ordered by email: psc@periodicals.com. They will email quotes. If they cannot supply, go back to Absolute.
    • MICROFILM vendor: NA Publishing. Out of business.
    • MICROFILM vendor:
    • MICROFILM vendor: Gale

2. Create Purchase Order: Once ordered, create an order record for the backbuy issue and attach it to the bib record for the journal with the following backbuy info:

    • Location: ocper (occasionally dsta or oref)
    • Fund: 764
    • Identity (i): ex: v.43:no.2 (May/June) 2010
    • put a cdate in the record to supress from public view

3. Update Check-in Record:
Switch from “Order” record view to “Checkin” view. Under Record tab insert internal note with issue information as in following example: TTB: v.43:no.2 (May/June) 2010. (TTB stands for “trying to buy”). This notifies Serials staff that ordering is in progress.

4. Put yellow card aside until issue arrives. Write the order date and vendor on the card.



  • Pay in Sierra. If it came with an invoice, a check will need to be generated. If it was paid by credit card, it will need to be paid in Sierra using a /_z_.
  • Go to the Sierra checkin card for the title, find the box for the issue, and enter receipt date.
  • Insert yellow card along with flags and paperwork. Bring to Serials.


If source cannot provide the issue after all, and it isn’t available elsewhere, cancel the order record (link) and give yellow card back to Serials with the message “Cancelled – all backbuy attempts unsuccessful.”