1-3 Ordering Ebooks

Purpose: To provide basic instructions for ordering ebooks. Refer to the links provided for more specific instructions on ordering from specific vendors and invoicing/receiving procedures.

1. Gobi: ordering Ebrary, EBSCOhost or Wiley e-books
2. Sciencedirect/Elsevier ebook orders
3. E-book titles found free online

  1. Gobi: Ebrary, EBSCOhost, Wiley, Sciencedirect/Elsevier e-books

    • Ebooks are ordered through the Gobi online platform using the same procedure for ordering physical books (See 1-3 Ordering with Gobi) with the following modifications:
      • Subaccount: 5718-20 (ebook orders)
      • Order location: oweb
      • Vendor code: ybp20
    • When Gobi receives the order, they will activate the e-book, triggering the production of the OCLC record and the invoice. We will receive the OCLC record via email first. That is our indication that the title has been activated for us. The invoice should be received a couple of days after the activation occurs via email.
    • Process the invoice in Sierra.
    • Forward ebook information to Cataloging
  2. Direct through Elsevier/Sciencedirect:

    • Usually order a batch of titles when we have a special discount and $1,000 minimum.
    • Order initiated by Head of Collection Services.
    • Elsevier will turn on access and send an invoice.
    • Enter an order record for each title
    • Pay invoice
    • Send URLs for each title to Cataloging
  3. E-book titles found free online

Other miscellaneous information:

  • Add an IDENTITY field in each order record that says: “EBOOK (includes PDFs)”. This is useful when creating review files later on.