12-1 Process for Setting Up Journal Order Records

Purpose: to create attached order records for journal subscriptions.

  1. Requests must be approved by Head of Collections.
  2. Search for title on URSUS to see if bibliographic record already exists.
  3. If bibliographic record not available on URSUS, request bib from Cataloging; if order record is needed for immediate invoice processing, create Minimum Level Record.  Otherwise, continue when Cataloging has provided new bib record and number
  4. Proceed with order record creation as follows in the Serials Millennium module
    • Start at Summary screen tab of the bibliographic record
    • From the “View” pulldown select order
    • Click the “Attach New Order” button
    • If print + subscription, build on print bib record
    • A series of dialogue boxes will come forward to prompt for the following values
    • Fixed fields
      • acq type = p (purchase) or c (comes with if associated with another subscription)
      • location = ocper for print,  oweb (Orono web resource) if ejournal restricted to Orono,cyber if ejournal access is unrestricted.  Note: if location is unclear, confer with Head of Collections
      • fund = 763 for print, 763e for ejournal
      • requestor = l (library staff)
      • div/sch= t, h or s (technology, humanities or social science)
      • cat status = <Click “Next” button>
      • E price = <Click “Next” button>
      • form = p (print) or b (datafile)
      • ord type = s
      • rloc = 7 (serials acquisition)
      • bloc = 7 (serials acquisition)
      • status =
      • vendor = select from list if vendor code is unknown (eg. ebs for Ebsco)
    • Variable length fields:
      • R> Requestor. Head of Collections or specified subject specialist.
      • V> Vendor note = <Click “Next” button>
      • Z> internal note = As needed
    • Insert identity field (Insert>menu drop down>scroll to Identity, select):
      • I> identity field: The text should be in all caps.  Examples: ONLINE, ONLINE + PRINT, ONLINE PACKAGE.
    • Add the cdate. The system does NOT prompt you for this fixed field information!  Use today’s date.
    • Save record
    • Activate online access in the Serials Solutions Client Center if appropriate
      • Bibliographic records for and access to most electronic journals are provided via Serials Solutions MARC records in URSUS, which are updated monthly. The ejournal portal web page, however, will display the newly activated title within 24 hours, usually by the next morning.
      • Serials Solutions bib records should NOT have any attached order or other records. This means that for many journals there will be both a Serials Solutions bib with patron access link publicly displayed in URSUS, and a second brief bib with order record that remains suppressed.
      • Suppress the new brief bib record with new attached order record IF we are activating the online access in Serials Solutions
  5. If order is for print or print + online, when first issue arrives, attach a checkin card.