3-1 Preparing physical books for Cataloging (Includes Rushes: “Reserve” and “Notify”)

Purpose: To ensure physical books are in good condition and brought to Cataloging with proper flags and any applicable notes.

  1. Inspect book. Ensure that:
    • The cover and title page information match title, author, isbn# listed in the corresponding Sierra order record.
    • All pages are present and in the proper order. There are occasional errors in printing that result in an incomplete publication, pages out of order, etc.
    • The binding is intact and not in a condition that will cause book to fall apart with reasonable use.
  2. Insert a white slip in the book with the Sierra order record number (format: o8000000).
  3. Next to that number write a “P” for an approval book, or an “R” for a firm order book.
  4. Check the Sierra order record information for the location code, fund code, and “notify” info
    • Location code
      • osta (stacks): no location flag needs to be inserted. Osta is the default location.
      • oref, olis, olmc, dsta, etc: insert proper flag in book.
      • ores (for Reserve): place red flag in book. In the note field of the order record, there should be course subject and number (ex: ENG 101), course instructor, and semester. Write this information on the flag along with today’s date. NOTE: Reserves are considered “Rush” and are handed to someone in Cataloging as soon as they are checked in and flagged.
    • Fund code. This will tell you if the book needs a bookplate. See shared network for spreadsheet of bookplate codes and wording at Book Acq>Bookplates.
      • If the fund code begins with an “o”, no bookplate will be needed (EXCEPTIONS: ogray and oflah. Both have bookplates.)
      • If the fund code begins with an “r”, a bookplate will be needed.
      • Place the plate in the book, along with an orange “Bookplate” flag.
    • “Notify” info in order record
      • Write the name of the person to be notified on a white slip (highlighted yellow at the top) and insert that into the book. We treat “Notify” as a rush and hand it to someone in Cataloging as soon as it is checked in and flagged.
  5. Take books to Cataloging and place on designated shelves.