Cataloging: Flags Table

Purpose: Color coded flags are used in communicating at a glance location information but often include special handling instructions to Technical Services. Flagged items arrive chiefly from Acquisitions but also Special Collections and the Serials Unit.




Reference neon green plain or marked “Ref”.  Includes sublocation:
neon green orefa (Atlases)
Science and Eng. Ctr. neon green marked “SciRef” or “PTDL” or both
Special Collections pale blue
Learning Materials Collection pale green Print & AV material marked for “L.M.C.” cataloging
Media Resource Collection pink CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, VHS, Laserdisc, Cassette
Government Publications orange
Microforms orange
Special handling orange  (eg. bookplate, disk, internal location, e.g. Cataloging, Acquisitions, Dean’s office)
Maps bright blue marked “maps”
Rush red ILL: mark “RUSH CAT for ILL”
Reserve red marked “Reserve”
Standing Order gold/yellow may include call# or “Cat. Sep”
Darling Center gray marked “Darling Ctr”
Reserve Reading Room dark purple
Expedite for Requestor white

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