4-2 Fund codes, Part 2: Adding/editing a new external fund account to Sierra

Purpose: An external fund code links Sierra fund codes to the corresponding account codes in Mainestreet. This allows the proper library account to be charged after invoices are processed in Sierra and sent to Mainestreet during Interface.

  1. Obtain the new 10-digit FAST account number (format 5-0-00000-000) for the fund you are setting up or editing. This is usually obtained from the library’s financial manager.
  2. In Sierra, go to Admin > Parameters > Acquisitions > External Fund Codes.
  3. Click on an empty field if creating a new fund, or, if updating a current fund, go to the line number that corresponds with the number found in the external fund field box of the fund you are editing.
  4. Enter the new account number and name of the new fund on the chosen line (you can use other entries for reference). It should be formatted like this:
    • 5-0-00000-000 FUNDNAME (use existing external fund lines as a guide)
  5. If you have just created a new external fund, note the line number of the field where you entered your new FAST account number. This number will go in the external fund field box in your fund record (see step 6 in 4-1 Fund codes, Part 1: Creating a fund code in Sierra)
  6. Save and exit