4-1 Fund codes, Part 1: Creating a fund code in Sierra

Purpose: To 1) create a new fund code in Sierra, and 2) place it in the Weekly Budget Report

Creating a new fund in Sierra:

  1. Determine if fund is to be linked to our general account or a gift account. Our library financial manager can provide this information.
    • 1a. If new fund is to be linked to the general account (5-2-41906-761 through -768 or any fund codes that begin in “o”), go to the external fund code list in Sierra and note the line number where your account number resides . You will need this number for step 6. Note that all fund codes that begin in “o” will be linked to account 5-2-41906-761.
    • 1b. If fund is to be linked to the general gift account (5-6-41455-761), it’s external fund code number is “33”.
    • 1c. If the new fund is to be linked to a specific gift account that does not already exist in the external fund code list , complete “4-2 Fund codes, Part 2: Adding/editing a new external fund account in Sierra” before completing the steps below
  2. In Sierra, choose Funds from the Acquistions section of the drop-down menu.
  3. Click New at the top of the screen.a
  4. Enter a unique four or five letter fund code (general account codes begin with “o”, gift account codes begin with “r”)*. Next.
  5. Enter name of fund*. Next.
  6. In the external fund box, enter the number found in steps 1a, 1b or 1c.
  7. Add any necessary information in the note fields, such as the subject matter and any virtual or printed bookplate information for that fund.
  8. Click Save.
  9. The fund code is now ready to be placed in fund fields of order records.

* Note: It is helpful to use a copy of the Weekly Budget Report to use as guideline when deciding fund names, codes, and folder names.  Fund codes often resemble fund names.

To place a fund in the proper section of the Weekly Budget Report:

  1. In the Funds section of Sierra, click on the Hierarchies folder on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click on UM Libraries folder.
  3. In the main part of the screen, click on the subfolders under the UM Libraries folder until you find the folder that you want to place the new fund in.
  4. Click Put.*
  5. Choose your newly created fund from the list and click Done.
  6. Your new fund should appear in the list.

*Note that you may need to make a new folder before you insert your new fund. If this is the case, click on the New Group button on the top of the screen and enter the name of the new folder you would like to add. Once that folder (group) is created, you can enter your new fund code inside that folder (steps 4 &5).*