6-1 Interface, Step 1: Preparation

Purpose: Interface is done weekly (usually Wednesdays) in order to send an electronic file of invoice payments from Sierra to Mainestreet. All physical payments to vendors (in paper check, epay card, or electronic check or) are issued by Mainestreet.

Note: For staff* conducting interface process for the first time: You will need to contact the Financial Systems Coordinator in the Systems office (Jeff Joy as of May 2019) in order to gain Mainestreet permissions for the following functions before you begin:

  • Enterprise Applications>Financials module
  • Access to a “Voucher Load” location for Fogler Library
  • Ability to produce a Query Report (Report name: UM_KLV_LIBRARY_FRT2)

Interface Preparation:

  1. Gather all electronic invoices the were processed in Book Acquisitions and Serials in the previous week (since the last interface). They should have a yellow slip attached to the invoice with the account number from which it will be paid. Attach each invoice to an email and sent them to Collection Services dpt. head for approval and signature.
  2. At the designated time (1pm on Wednesdays currently), post all payfiles. See Daily Posting Instructions. If a payfile is in use, locate the staff member* who is still using the file and have them finish their invoice or cancel it before you post. This is because any invoices in that payfile will disappear during the interface process and not go through for payment.

*Staff in Fogler Library, Katz Library at Umaine-Augusta, or Nottage Library at Umaine-Augusta at Bangor.