6-4 Interface, Step 4: Reports and Final Paperwork

  1. In Sierra, create a Fund Activity report and clear our payfiles. See  7-3  Fund Activity Report. Please note that this step cannot be skipped. Our payfiles must be cleared.
  2. In Sierra, create a Weekly Budget Report. See 7-2 Weekly Budget Report
  3. Save a copy of the latest Weekly Budget Report in our Sharepoint drive under Acquisitions> Weekly Budget Report>Current fiscal year.
  4. Email an “Ok to invoice again” message to any staff who invoices in Fogler (UM), Katz (UMA), and Nottage (UMA-Bangor) libraries. These staff are told to refrain from payfile and invoicing activity during interface with the understanding that they will be told when they can resume. Currently, that invoicing cutoff time is 1pm on Wednesdays.
  5. If any paper checks need to come back to the library, email the library financial manager the Mainestreet voucher number (found on the query report), Invoice #, amount, and vendor name. Occasionally, we need paper checks to be mailed out with a copy of the invoice (so that the vendor applies the payment to our account correctly) or the check needs to be sent out in an envelope to a different remit address than the ones that appears in Mainestreet. See 6-3 Interface Step 3: Mainestreet, Step 26. The person who paid the invoice in Sierra should let you know this when they send their electronic invoices to you.
  6. Create a file folder with the current interface date and put a copy of the Excel query report that was created in 6-3 Interface, Step 3: Mainestreet. Drop a copy of each invoice into the folder as well.
  7. Email that folder (in a zip file) to library financial manager.