6-5 Interface: Locating an invoicing error in Sierra and how to resubmit it

If any of your invoices do NOT appear on the query report in Step 23 in Interface: Mainestreet, the invoice was most likely rejected by Mainestreet due a technical error in the way it was entered into Sierra. You will need to fix these errors and process the invoice again Sierra (to go through during the next interface). The four most common errors include:

  • Invoice number was inadvertently entered with either no slash, or a / z,  at the end of the invoice number. Both of these options prevent an invoice from being sent to Mainestreet for payment. See Step# 3 in Invoicing for check payments, for the correct invoice suffixes.
  • The invoice date was entered as “greater than today”. Mainestreet will not accept an invoice date that is greated than the current day.
  • The vendor code in Sierra is not properly linked to Mainestreet (See: Linking a Sierra vendor record to Mainestreet).
  • The fund code in the Sierra record is not properly linked to Mainestreet (See: Creating a fund code in Sierra).

Check the order records on the excluded invoice(s) in Sierra for any other above errors. If the problem is with incorrectly linked vendor or fund codes, fix those issues before reprocessing the invoice.*

*Remember that you will need to “zero out” the invoice with errors in Sierra first before you reprocess it with corrections. This will return the fund balances back to normal before the second invoice charge is applied. Essentially, you will be “double-billing” that fund in Sierra if you don’t do that, and our fund balances will be inaccurate.

To “zero out” an invoice in Sierra, follow the instructions for Invoicing for check payments with the following modifications:

  • Enter a  / z , at the end of the invoice number. This prevents this invoice from being sent to Mainestreet as a negative/credit.
  • Enter the amounts, including shipping charges as a negative amount.

After zeroing out is complete, reprocess this invoice in Sierra as normal, with the proper corrections in place.