ERM: Branding

When possible, University of Maine branding is added to subscription electronic resources to indicate that access is provided by the University and/or Fogler Library. Vendors typically provide character limits for text credits or optimal dimensions for logos.

Depending on character limits, text credit may be worded as:

Access provided by University of Maine, Orono.
Access provided by University of Maine.
University of Maine, Orono.
University of Maine.

The following logo files are available on Library18 for download or as urls to which vendors may link:×30.gif×45.jpg×48.jpg×48.png×60.gif×79.jpg×79.png×48.jpg×48.png×49.gif×49.jpg×49.png

Additional customized logos may be obtained by request through the Fogler Public Relations Office. Make certain to communicate all vendor requirements regarding the logo size, transparency, and file format.

Online copies of logo files, to which vendors may link, are located in the image folder on Library18.


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