12-5 Changing Periodical Titles

Purpose: To add new periodical titles and modify existing ones to reflect title changes in URSUS. Continuity will enhance user access and proper checkin, claiming, binding and shelving of issues.


  1. Search URSUS for new title. If record is found, transfer order record. Close checkin card for old title by adding box at end of card and noting TITLE CHANGE in box, create new checkin card for new title.  Add note to checkin record indicating what the title is changing to.  Change status of card to Filled.  Add holdings to checkin reccord.  Set up new checkin record under new title.
  2. If no record in URSUS, deliver hard copy of first issue under new title to Cataloging; someone from that group will obtain a new record and return the hard copy, they will provide the new bib number.  Transfer order record to new bib, setup new checkin card.
  3. If an immediate order record is needed in order to pay an expedited invoice, proceed with creating a minimum level record (MLR).  If an MLR has been created, be sure to give that bib number to Cataloging so they can overlay it with the new complete bib record.