Cataloging: Creating Local Holdings in OCLC for ILL Unfilled titles

Purpose: To record the detailed holdings of a title in OCLC WorldCat for which Fogler Library Interlibrary Loan has received large numbers of requests which cannot be filled due to license restrictions or limited holdings.

“LHR” or “Local Holdings Record” is a record added to OCLC that indicates the holdings at a specific library.  These records are used by interlibrary loan departments to determine which libraries to choose when requesting material.

 Connect to OCLC Connexion

  1. File list (usually a spreadsheet) forwarded by Sharon
  2. Open a web browser
  3. Go to (must use the browser edition of Connexion)
  4. Login with the authorization and password of the library you are creating Local Holdings for (allow pop-ups in your browser)

 Verify Holdings on URSUS

  1. Search for the OCLC number in Sierra
  2. Verify you have the correct bib record
  3. Copy the OCLC number and paste it into the command line search field. Be sure to preface the number with “no:” or an asterisk (for example: *899949341)
  4. Hit the search button

Verify holdings in OCLC

Creating the Local Holdings Record

  1. After the record opens, click the Action pulldown menu
  2. Choose “Create Local Holdings”
  3. In the “Functions” menus to the right of the 853, 863 and 866 fields, choose “Delete Field”
  4. Click on the Edit menu and Choose “Apply CD from list” IF you have a Constant Data (CD) template, otherwise continue with #5
  5. Change the “Encoding Level” portion of the “Leader field” to “u-unknown”

Add holdings for local holdings


  1. Summary field – add note verbatim from Exel spreadsheet IF holdings are restricted from lending
  2. Expand 008 field:  [see captured image below]
    • Select the “Will not lend” option in keeping with restricted license
    • Select the “Will not reproduce” option in keeping with restricted license
  3. Under the Action menu select “Add Record” then click OK.  You should get a green “Record added” message.
  4. IF you get red error messages revisit the edited fields to correct.
  5. Verify your work by searching by the “Accession Number” (OCLC#) in WorldCat.
OCLC Connexion platform expanded 008 field with drop-down window options
Expanded 008 field with drop-down window options


Notify Sharon that the LHRs have been completed.

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