Digital Commons: General University Publications Archive Filters

Purpose:  To document the structure of the General University Publications archive in Digital Commons and the defined keyword filters.

Introduction:  The General University Publications archive in Digital Commons includes documents related to the history and administration of the University of Maine, Orono, and the University of Maine System Office. Documents range from press releases to course catalogs, from annual budgets to strategic planning. The collection is managed by University of Maine Archivist, Matthew Revitt.

The overall collection was started as part of the University’s 150th Anniversary. As submissions to the series expanded, it became clear an organized structure was required to enhance user access. As a result, the original 150th Anniversary series became a “bucket” series into which all electronic documents are deposited. Individual documents are machine-sorted into designated series through the use of defined keywords.

Exception:  In order to display properly in Digital Commons, graduation-related images are archived in the ir_gallery,

Filter Keywords: Organization of the general publications archive in Digital Commons mirrors the structure of administrative and academic units of the University.

Nearly all filter keywords are based on a full or partial unit or department name. As a result, when cataloging and uploading new documents in the general publications archive, keywords must include the full name of the department(s) associated with each document, as of April 2021. As time progresses and changes are made to department names, it will become necessary to add or modify existing filters.

The following chart documents all ir_communities and ir_series in the general publications archive as of April 7, 2021. Please consult this chart when there are any questions about filter keywords.

Content Filter Keyword Category URL Suffix
General University of Maine Publications Index n/a ir_community /univ_publications_index/
Alumni Association
Alumni association ir_series /univ_pubs_alumni/
Division of Academic Affairs n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_academic_affairs/
Office of Student Records Student Records ir_series /univ_pubs_student_records/
Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost Provost ir_series /univ_pubs_provost_admin/
Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning CITL ir_series /univ_pubs_citl/
College of Education and Human Development n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_ehd/
Dean of the Education and Human Development College of Education and Human Development ir_series /univ_pubs_ehd_admin/
Selected News Releases EDHD Research ir_series /univ_pubs_ehd_press/
College of Engineering n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_engineering/
Advanced Computing Group Advanced Computing ir_series /univ_pubs_acg/
Civil & Environmental Engineering Civil Engineering ir_series /univ_pubs_cee/
Dean of the College of Engineering College of Engineering ir_series /univ_pubs_engineering_admin/
Surveying Engineering Technology n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_set/
Industrial Advisory Committee IAC ir_series /univ_pubs_iac/
SET Technology News SET News ir_series /univ_pubs_set_news/
UMaine Pulp & Paper Foundation n/a ir_series /umaineppf/
Honor Award Recipients Honor Award ir_gallery /ppf_images/
The Dandy Scroll Dandy Scroll
University of Maine Pulp & Paper Foundation Pulp and Paper ir_series /univ_pubs_ppf/
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_las/
Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, LAS ir_series /univ_pubs_las_admin/
Anthropology Department Anthropology ir_series /univ_pubs_ant/
Department of Art Art ir_series /univ_pubs_art/
Department of Chemistry Chemistry ir_series /univ_pubs_che/
Department of Psychology Psychology ir_series /univ_pubs_psychology/
Department of Sociology Sociology ir_series /univ_pubs_sociology/
History Department History Department ir_series /univ_pubs_history/
Native American Programs n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_nap/
Native American Studies Native American Studies ir_series /univ_pubs_nas/
Wabanaki Center Wabanaki ir_series /univ_pubs_wabanaki/
McGillicuddy Humanities Center Humanities Center ir_series /univ_pubs_mhc/
Political Science Department Political Science ir_series /univ_pubs_poli_sci/
School of Economics Economics ir_series /univ_pubs_sec/
School of Performing Arts Performing Arts ir_series /univ_pubs_spa/
Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program Gender and Sexuality ir_series /univ_pubs_wgs/
College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_nsfa/
Dean of the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture, NSFA ir_series /univ_pubs_nsfa_admin/
School of Food & Agriculture Food and Agriculture ir_series /univ_pubs_sfa/
School of Nursing Nursing ir_series /univ_pubs_nur/
School of Social Work Social Work ir_series /univ_pubs_swk/
Sustainable Agriculture Program Sustainable  Agriculture ir_series /univ_pubs_sustainable/
Dean of the Honors College Honors College ir_series /univ_pubs_honors/
Division of Lifelong Learning n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_dll/
Dean of the Division of Lifelong Learning Division of Lifelong Learning ir_series /univ_pubs_dll_admin/
Division of Marketing and Communications n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_marketing/
Community News Community News ir_series /univ_pubs_community_news/
Digital Communications Digital Communications ir_series /univ_pubs_digital/
Inside UMaine Inside UMaine ir_series /inside_umaine/
Maine Perspective Maine Perspective ir_series /maine_perspective/
Press Releases Press Release ir_series /univ_pubs_press_releases/
UMaine Today UMaine Today ir_series /umaine_today/
Enrollment Management n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_enrollment/
Intensive English Institute Intensive English Institute ir_series /univ_pubs_iei/
International Programs International Programs ir_series /univ_pubs_inter_prog/
Student Financial Aid Student Financial Aid ir_series /univ_pubs_financial_aid/
Student Recruitment Student Recruitment ir_series /univ_pubs_recruitment/
Undergraduate Admissions Undergraduate Admissions /univ_pubs_admissions/
First-Year Student Success Initiative FYSSI ir_series /univ_pubs_fyssi/
Vice President for Innovation & Economic Development n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_ied/
Department of Industrial Cooperation Industrial Cooperation ir_series /univ_pubs_industrial/
Foster Innovation Center & Economic Development Foster Center ir_series /univ_pubs_ied_admin/
Innovation and Economic Development Office of Innovation and Economic Development ir_series /univ_pubs_ied_admin/
Maine Innovation Research and Technology Accelerator MIRTA ir_series /univ_pubs_mirta/
Nanocellulose Valley Nanocellulose Valley ir_series /univ_pubs_nanocellulos/
Technology Commercialization Technology Commercialization ir_series /univ_pubs_commercial/
UpStart Center for Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship ir_series /univ_pubs_upstart/
Maine Business School n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_mbs/
Dean of the Maine Business School Maine Business School ir_series /univ_pubs_mbs_admin/
MBS Connects Connects ir_series /mbs_connects/
MBS Weekly News MBS News ir_series /mbs_weekly/
Office of Institutional Research and Assessment OIRA ir_series /univ_pubs_oira/
Office of Student Records Student Records ir_series /univ_pubs_student_records/
Raymond H. Fogler Library Fogler Library ir_series /univ_pubs_fogler/
University of Maine Cooperative Extension Cooperative Extension ir_series /univ_pubs_coop_ext/
Zillman Art Museum Zillman Art Museum ir_series /univ_pubs_zillman/
Office of Administration & Finance n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_admin_finance/
Auxiliary Services Auxiliary Services ir_series /univ_pubs_auxiliary/
Bursar’s Office Bursar ir_series /univ_pubs_bursar/
Office of Budget and Business Services Business Services ir_series /univ_pubs_business/
Office of Facilities Management Facilities Management ir_series /univ_pubs_facilities/
Office of Equal Opportunity Equal Opportunity ir_series /univ_pubs_oeo/
Office of Human Resources Human Resources ir_series /univ_pubs_hr/
Office of Sustainability Office of Sustainability ir_series /univ_pubs_sustain/
Safety & Environmental Management Environmental Management ir_series /univ_pubs_env_mgt/
Office of the President n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_presidents_office/
Budget Materials Budget ir_series /univ_pubs_budget/
Department of Athletics n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_athletics/
Athletics Administration Athletics ir_series /univ_pubs_athletics_admin/
Men’s Sports n/a ir_community /univ_mens_sports/
Baseball Baseball ir_series /univ_mens_baseball/
Basketball Men Basketball ir_series /univ_mens_basketball/
Cross Country Men Cross Country ir_series /univ_mens_xcounty/
Football Football ir_series /univ_mens_football/
Ice Hockey Men Hockey ir_series /univ_mens_hockey/
Swimming & Diving Men Swimming ir_series /univ_mens_swim/
Track & Field Men Track ir_series /univ_mens_track/
Women’s Sports n/a ir_community /univ_womens_sports/
Basketball Women Basketball ir_series /univ_womens_basketball/
Cross Country Women Cross Country ir_series /univ_womens_xcountry/
Field Hockey Field Hockey ir_series /univ_womens_fieldhockey/
Ice Hockey Women Ice Hockey ir_series /univ_womens_hockey/
Soccer Soccer ir_series /univ_womens_soccer/
Softball Softball ir_series /univ_womens_softball/
Swimming & Diving Women Swimming ir_series /univ_womens_swim/
Track & Field Women Track ir_series /univ_womens_track/
Maine Economic Improvement Fund Maine Economic Improvement Fund, MEIF ir_series /univ_pubs_meif/
President’s Council of Retired Employees Retirees ir_series /univ_pubs_retirees/
President’s Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ir_series /univ_pubs_equity/
President’s Office President’s Office ir_series /univ_pubs_pres_office/
Strategic Planning Strategic Planning ir_series /univ_pubs_strat_plan/
University of Maine Board of Visitors Board of Visitors ir_series /univ_pubs_bov/
Office of the Vice President for Student Life, Diversity, and Inclusive Excellence & Dean of Students n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_student_life/
Administration of Student Life, Diversity, & Inclusive Excellence Student Life ir_series /univ_pubs_vp_student_life/
Bodwell Center for Service and Volunteerism Bodwell ir_series /univ_pubs_bodwell/
Campus Recreation Campus Rec ir_series /univ_pubs_campus_rec/
Career Center Career Center ir_series /umaine_career_center/
Center for Student Involvement Student Involvement ir_series /univ_pubs_student_involve/
Commuter and Non-traditional Student Programs Commuter Programs ir_series /univ_comm_nontrad_prog/
Counseling Center Counseling Center ir_series /umaine_counseling_center/
First Year and Transfer Center First Year ir_series /univ_pubs_first_year/
Intersectional Feminist Resource Center Intersectional ir_series /univ_pubs_interfem_ctr/
Office for Diversity and Inclusion Diversity and Inclusion ir_series /univ_pubs_diversity/
Office of Community Standards Rights & Responsibilities Community Standards ir_series /univ_pubs_community_standards/
Police Department Police ir_series /umaine_police/
Rainbow Resource Center Rainbow Resource Center ir_series /univ_pubs_rrc/
Residence Life Resident Life ir_series /univ_pubs_res_life/
Student Accessibility Services Student Accessibility Services ir_series /univ_pubs_access_services/
Student Community Life Community Life ir_series /univ_pubs_community_life/
Student Wellness Resources Center Student Wellness ir_series /univ_pubs_wellness/
Title IX Student Services Title IX ir_series /univ_pubs_titleix/
University of Maine Commencement n/a ir_community /umaine_commencement/
Commencement Photographs n/a ir_series /umaine_grad_photos/
Commencement Videos Graduation video ir_series /umaine_grad_videos/
Class Yearbooks & Memorabilia Graduation program
ir_series /umaine_grad_programs/
University of Maine Multicultural Center Multicultural Center ir_series /univ_pubs_multicultural/
University of Maine Student Government n/a ir_community /umaine_student_gov/
Student Government Financial Affairs Office Financial Affairs Office ir_series /umaine_student_fao/
Student Government Executive Committee Executive Committee ir_series /univ_pubs_umsg/
Student Government Representative Boards n/a ir_community univ_pubs_sg_boards/
Commuter & Non Traditional Students Commuter ir_series /univ_pubs_cnts/
Honors College Student Advisory Board Student Advisory Board ir_series /univ_pubs_sab/
Interfraternity Council Interfraternity Council ir_series /univ_pubs_interfrat/
Panhellenic Council Panhellenic Council ir_series /univ_pubs_panhellenic/
Senior Class Council Senior Class Council ir_series /univ_pubs_senior_council/
Sustainability & Environmental Action Division Sustainability ir_series /univ_pubs_sead/
UMaine General Student Senate Student Senate ir_series /umaine_student_senate/
UMaine Graduate Student Government Graduate Student Government ir_series /univ_pubs_grad_gov/
University of Maine Student Organizations n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_student_orgs/
Athletes for Sexual Responsibility Student Athletes ir_series /univ_pubs_asr/
Black Student Union Black Student Union ir_series /umaine_bsu/
Engineers Without Boarders Engineers Without Borders ir_series /umaine_ewb/
Maine Peace Action Committee Peace Action ir_series /umaine_pac/
Wilde Stein Wilde Stein ir_series /umaine_wilde_stein/
Veterans Education and Transition Services Veterans Education ir_series /univ_pubs_vets/
University of Maine Discontinued Offices & Programs Discontinued Programs ir_series /umaine_discontinued/
University of Maine Foundation Maine Foundation ir_series /umaine_foundation/
University of Maine Memorabilia Memorabilia ir_series /umaine_memorabilia/
University of Maine Staff Organizations n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_staff_orgs/
Faculty Senate Faculty Senate ir_series /umaine_faculty_senate/
UMaine Classified Employee Advisory Council CEAC ir_series /umaine_ceac/
UMaine Professional Employees Advisory Council PEAC ir_series /umaine_peac/
University of Maine System n/a ir_community /ums_pubs/
UMS Academic Affairs Academic Affairs ir_series /ums_pubs_academic/
UMS Chancellor’s Office Chancellor’s Office ir_series /ums_pubs_chancellor/
UMS Facilities Management and General Services General Services ir_series /ums_pubs_facilities/
UMS Finance and Administration Finance and Administration ir_series /ums_pubs_finance/
UMS General Counsel General Counsel ir_series /ums_pubs_counsel/
UMS Governmental & Community Relations Community Relations ir_series /ums_pubs_relations/
UMS Human Resources UMS HR ir_series /ums_pubs_hr/
UMS Information Technology Services UMS-IT ir_series /ums_pubs_it/
UMS Internal Communications Internal Communications ir_series /ums_pubs_internal/
UMS Organizational Effectiveness Organizational Effectiveness ir_series /ums_pubs_org_effect/
UMS Public Affairs Public Affairs ir_series /ums_pubs_pr/
UMS Office of Risk & Safety Management Risk and Safety Management ir_series /univ_pubs_risk_mgt/
UMS Strategic Procurement Strategic Procurement ir_series /ums_pubs_procurement/
UMS Student Success and Credential Attainment Credential Attainment ir_series /ums_pubs_student_success/
University of Maine System Board of Trustees Board of Trustees ir_series /ums_pubs_bot/
Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_vprdgs/
Advanced Research Computing Advanced Computing ir_series /univ_pubs_advan_computing/
Center for Undergraduate Research Center for Undergraduate Research, CUGR ir_series /univ_pubs_cugr/
Graduate School Graduate School ir_series /univ_pubs_grad_school/
Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering Biomedical Science and Engineering ir_series /univ_pubs_biomedical/
IMPACT eNewsletter IMPACT ir_series /impact/
Maine CORE Maine CORE ir_series /univ_pubs_core/
Maine Sea Grant Sea Grant ir_series /univ_pubs_sea_grant/
Office of Research Administration Research Administration ir_series /univ_pubs_research_admin/
Office of Research Compliance Research Compliance ir_series /univ_pubs_research_compliance/
Office of Research Development Research Development ir_series /univ_pubs_research_dev/
Office of the Vice President for Research Vice President for Research ir_series /univ_pubs_vprdgs_admin/
Research Centers and Institutes n/a ir_community /univ_pubs_research_centers/
Advanced Manufacturing Center Advanced Manufacturing ir_series /univ_pubs_amc/
Advanced Structures and Composites Center Advanced Structures ir_series /univ_pubs_ascc/
Aquaculture Research Institute Aquaculture Research ir_series /univ_pubs_ari/
Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence n/a ir_community /cosee_umaine/
        COSEE Publications COSEE ir_series /cosee_umaine/
Center for Research on Sustainable Forests CRSF ir_series /univ_pubs_crsf/
Center on Aging Center on Aging ir_series /univ_pubs_coa/
Climate Change Institute Climate Change Institute ir_series /univ_pubs_cci/
Cooperative Forestry Research Unit CFRU ir_series /univ_pubs_cfru/
Darling Marine Center Darling Marine ir_series /univ_pubs_dmc/
EPSCoR EPSCoR ir_series /univ_pubs_epscor/
Forest Bioproducts Research Institute FBRI ir_series /univ_pubs_fbri/
Frontier Institute for Research in Sensor Technologies Sensor Technologies, FIRST ir_series /univ_pubs_first/
Innovative Media, Research, and Commercialization Center IMRCC ir_series /univ_pubs_imrc/
Institute of Medicine Institute of Medicine ir_series /univ_pubs_medicine/
Maine Center for Genetics in the Environment Genetics in the Environment ir_series /univ_pubs_genetics/
Maine Center for Research in STEM Education RiSE ir_series /univ_pubs_rise/
Maine Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit CFWRU ir_series /univ_pubs_cfwru/
Maine Mass Timber Commercialization Center Timber Commercialization ir_series /univ_pubs_mmtcc/
UMaine AI UMaine AI ir_series /univ_pubs_ai/
Virtual Environments and Multimodal Interaction (VEMI) Laboratory VEMI ir_series /univ_pubs_vemi/


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