Communications with Vendors and Publishers

Purpose: Outline of steps taken to order and cancel periodical subscriptions with the necessary verification and order record documentation.

I. Cancels when working with our vendors

  1. Send e-mail to representative with list of titles to cancel
  2. Vendor will verify receipt of the cancel request
  3. Vendor will send official followup (eg. Harrassowitz)
  4. Update the order record
    • Change status to ‘z’ if 763 or 763e.  If a 767 (standing order) wait till end of calendar year.
    • Add dated note to with succinct rational and/or Head of Collections initials
  5. If cancel request comes from FY changes spreadsheet, be sure to indicate action taken in appropriate column.  Spreadsheet on S:/Serials/year Serials changes with notesDR.xlsx
  6. Follow up as needed with vendor and/or publisher
  7. For EBSCO, EDI version of the renewal will flag (in red) any record with a ‘z’ status (For Harrassowitz steps 2 and 3 above should suffice)

II. When dealing with the publisher directly

  1.  Best to start with a phone call
  2.  Request verification sent via e-mail
  3.  Update order record with note and status change
  4.  If mid-year, process may include check receipt for balance of subscription
  5.  Take check to Alice; supply fund code
  6.  Note in order record that refund received

Note: When working with very small publishing houses, verify everything and be prepared to play phone tag and get passed around. Document successful contact in order record.

III. Steps for adding a journal subscription with a vendor

  1.  Check their website (EBSCOnet or Otto to see if they carry the title).
  2. See Process for setting up journal order records.
  3. Send e-mail to representative requesting additional title.  Be sure to include our account number, ILS/order record # and the fund code and the title.  Make sure you have selected the correct format and pricing category.  May need to consult Head Coll if tiered pricing a factor.
  4. Vendor will send confirmation.
  5. Should receive an invoice (1-2 weeks) or journal starts arriving (6+ weeks depending on source).  EBSCO pays up front before journal issues received so there should no question of payment if delivery is delayed.  If a direct payment to the publisher, generally have longer cycle to allow check clearance.  Varies according to the publisher’s policy.  Tip: if you know publisher will not put in until payment received, GCY the check to expedite the UM check issuing process.

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