Student Work Submission Instructions

The following instructions will lead you through the process of contributing your work to the collections of a designated academic department or program within the University of Maine’s institutional repository, DigitalCommons@UMaine, or successor technologies.

What kinds of work may I submit?

The institutional repository showcases outstanding student work that has been authorized by academic faculty for deposit and open access on the web. Examples include capstone projects, published articles, videos, poster sessions, and more. (For instructions on how to submit theses and dissertations, which is a different process, please see Special Collections: Theses Instructions.)

Authorization Form for Deposit of Student Research

Print, complete, and scan to a file the Authorization Form for Deposit of Student Research, including faculty advisor signature, for each work you plan to deposit to the repository.

Sign Up for a DigitalCommons@UMaine Account

Go to DigitalCommons@UMaine.  Click on “My Account” near the top of the screen. In the section on the right, “Create new account,” click on “Sign Up” and complete the form.

Log in to your email account and click on the link provided in the confirmation email to activate your new Digital Commons account.

Gather the Following

  • The text of your abstract or summary of the work (if any)
  • The complete text file
  • Supplemental files (spreadsheets, sound files, etc.) that are an integral part of the work, but not a part of the full text (if any)
  • File with scanned authorization form
  • Keywords that could help others find your work when searching online

Log in to DigitalCommons@UMaine

Go to and log in to your account. Click Submit Research.

Enter Information About Your Work

Required information fields are listed here; other optional fields are also available

  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Associated faculty
  • Recommending department
  • Publication date
  • Embargo period
  • Version
  • Additional files – check the box to add the authorization form file, and any others you are submitting 


Click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen. If you checked the box next to Additional files, the next screen you see will allow you to Choose files for upload, enter a title for each file, and click on “Continue.”

That’s It!

You have now created the description that will accompany your student work submission, and submitted all files. If necessary, you may go back and edit your submission form data. The description and files will be reviewed and uploaded by Fogler Library staff to DigitalCommons@UMaine. You will receive an automatically generated email to let you know when your work has been posted, usually within 5 business days.

If you have further questions about the student work submission process, please contact