Cataloging: Adding Item Records to URSUS

Purpose: To add further specific location holdings to an existing bibliographic record.  Field values below vary by format eg. ebook, see

  • Call up bib record
  • Click: Summary
  • Click: Attach New Item
  • At pop-up window, Click: OK
  • Select: Item
  • Prompts from dialogue box :
    • Fill in copy # – Click: Next
    • ITYPE = 1 or 97 (for ebook)
    • Location = osta – Click: Next
    • Status = – (for available) or o (for Library use only) – or k (for online)
    • Call # – Skip, for now – Click: Next
    • Barcode – Scan in barcode after applying to item in hand – Click: Next
    • Volume – type in info, if any – Click: Next
  • Click: Insert (Prompt for call # will appear) – Type in call # after the tagging
  • Fixed fields
    • copy = 1
    • mat type = b (for book) or 4 (for ebook)
    • itype = 1 or 40 (for gov doc)
    • location = osta or cybsw (for location)
    • status = <RET> k (for online)
    • call no.
  • Variable fields
    • Call number – Enter base call# (do not enter vol.designation)
    • Barcode – wand in barcode which has already been placed in upper right corner of outside back cover
    • Volume – If applicable, enter volume designation (eg. vol.2)

To Create an item record from an existing item record – this is a useful option when you are adding items to standing order (aka “Adds”) title where all the information matches previous items except the barcode and volume number.

  • Retrieve the item record you want to copy, and open it in the edit display
  • Choose Edit>Copy Record
  • The screen will open with the new unnumbered item record.
  • Update the volume number field with volume number of piece in hand
  • Add barcode field
  • Save


Each item record MUST have:

  • 050 or 092 call # field, check to make sure proper pre-stamp is used, if required
  • barcode
  • location (usually ‘osta’ for stacks but varies according to flag inserted in item)
  • mat type = 1
  • itype = 1
  • Itype 2 (see flag and the order form) Options: r, s, g, or p
    • R = firm order
    • S = standing order
    • G = gift
    • P = profile book
  • copy = 1 (unless otherwise specified on slip)
  • Update 505 field in bib record (if present)

Double check the call # and item details.

As a final step, login to OCLC Connexion to add holdings for Fogler Library.

  • Search for the record by OCLC number found in the 001 field of the URSUS record.  Search prefix is the # sign.
  • Under Action menu select “update holdings” option. Change to Action>Holdings>Update Holdings (or press F8).
  • Click OK.

When holdings are updated, our institution symbol MEU is added to the OCLC WorldCat record which appears at the top of the screen.

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