Binding: Checking in Items Returned from Bindery

Purpose: To check materials back in from the Bindery which notifies patrons of their new location.

Begin by logging into Sierra

  • Select “Check in Bound” from the Function menu
  • Type the title from the bind slip into the search box and enter; open correct record; go to check-in card
  • Verify that the correct boxes are highlighted and click “Check in Bound” from the horizontal tab
  • A dialogue box opens and the first title of each session should be set up as follows
  • Top section boxes are unchecked
    • In the box under Bound, click on “Append Volume to LIB HAS field” and “Delete Range of Boxes”
    • Check that “Copies Bound” defaults to 1 (not 0)
    • Then click “OK”
  • Holdings screen opens which shows the current volume appended to the holding statement. If correct, click “Submit”
    • Data may be corrected manually from here, ranges added or deleted, or merged with previous range (that deletes any Note such as Per. Stacks)
    • When done, click Apply Changes and Submit
  • Checkin card displays with the boxes now deleted.
  • Click “Close” at top right of screen and then “Yes” to save the changes

Modified procedure for Special Collections periodicals

  • In check-in card, highlight boxes to be checked in, doing one volume at a time.
  • Click Check in Bound
  • A dialogue box opens and the first title of each session should be set up as follows
  • Sierra return from bindery dialog box
  • Top section boxes are unchecked; type b (blank) in To Bindery Date box
    • Click on Reduce Range to 1 Box per Volume
    • Ensure Copies Bound reads 1
    • Then click “OK”
  • Boxes are consolidated into one.
  • Check Holdings tab — holdings should be open ended, and unchanged

If the returning title is one that has ceased, been canceled or discontinued (eg. a title change) see dead title process.


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