Cataloging: “A to Z” Titles (Alma)

Purpose: To provide a workaround to all titles that have “A to Z” at the beginning of the title to be searched in URSUS.

If a title begins with “A to Z” (as opposed to “The A to Z” or “An A to Z,” etc.), users cannot find the record in URSUS by title search.  This is because system rules override MARC field 245 coding and treat “A” as a leading article.  (Such items can be found by adding an initial article to the search string (even though it doesn’t appear in the record), but this is not a user-friendly solution.)  We have come up with a cataloging workaround to restore visibility to these titles by copying the 245 $a contents to a 246 field (the system rule does not apply to 246).  The procedure also ensures consistent, successful searches for both “A to Z” and “A-Z” forms of the phrase.


  1. When the title begins with “A to Z…” (including “The A to Z…” and “An A to Z…”), add the following fields:

246 3_ $a A to Z […etc.]

246 13 $a A-Z […etc.]

  1. When the title begins with  “A-Z…” (including “The A-Z…” and “An A-Z…”), add the following field:

246 13 $a A to Z […etc.]

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