Cataloging: Baker and Taylor Leased Books

Purpose: To provide temporary access to the Baker and Taylor leased titles and subsequently remove them from URSUS.   Selected titles will be cataloged for the permanent collection.  The review generally takes place annually.

Incoming Leased Titles

1. Arrive from Acquisitions on shelf a few at a time.

2. Follow usual copy cataloging steps with these item record distinctions:

    • loc = orrr
    • itype = 101
    • note field = Leased

3. Physical processing

      • no labels but check for call number match.  If call# does not match and OCLC has correct LC#, print a new label.  Affix label and cover with tape.  If OCLC doesn’t have a complete LC# than consult professional cataloguer.
      • sensor strips required

Titles to be kept

Acquisitions staff notifies Cataloging staff that annual review has been completed and materials are ready for processing.

1. Bring up title in URSUS and select “orrr” item record

2. Item record changes:

  • Change location in item record from orrr to osta
  • Change Itype value from 101 to 1
  • Remove “leased” note
  • Replace barcode field (old barcode was from cover)
  • Save changes

3. Physical processing steps:

  • Remove book covers and discard
  • Apply bookplate
  • Print and apply new call number label (old will have been on slipcover)
  • Apply new barcode (old will have been attached to book cover)
  • No security strip needed.  Already in place

Titles to be returned

1. Search title in URSUS

2. Delete item record for Orono (location =orrr)

  • Open item record
  • Under “file” menu select delete record
  • NOTE: If oro the only attached item record, the system will ask if you want to delete bib record as well.  Check the appropriate box in the dialog window and both records will be removed.

3. If a title is owned by another URSUS library, update branch fixed in the bib record to remove the oro branch code.

  • Select “edit” for bibliographic record
  • Double click branch from fixed fields
  • In resulting dialog box highlight ‘oro’ code and then click “remove branch” (Note: if you find two Orono items attached, after deleting the Reading Room copy do NOT change the branch code.)
  • Confirm
  • Save changes

4. Remove holdings from OCLC

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